Met A Meat Of The Minute

I love industry events.

Lots of networking and hob knobbing.
The person you are speaking to may hold the key to your next job or next pay raise.

(…or maybe the fuck of your life at the W hotel.)

That is what I was doing
until he walked in the room
and fucked my whole life right on up….

I have discussed him on my blog before.
He is someone I have had my eye on for a minute.
He was meat of the minute.

And in person,
he is even sexier than I imagined.
Television and pictures do him NO kind of justice.

I mean,
at industry type functions,
it means nothing to just walk up to someone and say “Hello”.
Even though they have been on television and pretty much on the tips of people’s mouths.
They are in a comfortable environment doing what I was doing.

So the person I was with wanted to go over and say hello.

“C’mon. You scared?” He said.
“No. Hell no.” I replied, but secretly thinking “YEAH”.

So, as nervous as I was,
I started to walk over with said friend.
I had to ask if they have read my blog and saw my sexual desires for this dude.
Maybe. I mean, my blog is pretty much growing and it takes nothing to find a tag with me on a search site.

When we got up to him,
I was damn near in a trance.
He had the most seductive eyes I have ever seen.
They were literally undressing me with ever glance.
He is definitely walking dick in a bottle.

So my friend introduced himself and then me.
And I froze….

All that mouth I have was GONE.
All I could say was “Hi”.
A small slight whisper.

I could not stop staring with a sly smile on my face.
Oh how I wanted to tell him that I have imagined him with no clothes Oon.
Beating me into a senseless love coma thru a 45 minute non stop sex session.

I’m sure security would have taken me out as soon as that flew out of my mouth.

So after my friend did his thing,
we both walked away.
That’s it.
Not the fantasy I had of hoped.
Wasn’t successful with this mission… this time.

He came in with an unlikely entourage,
So I doubt he would have said, “satin sheets on my bed, I wanna beat you on it…

But there is always next time.

I guess I just can’t help but wait…

Later Foxes.

4 thoughts on “Met A Meat Of The Minute

  1. Hey Jamari! I am sorry things didn’t go well for you, but there is alwlays next time! I think everyone has that time in thier life where they were looking forward to meeting someone, and then when we finally do, we are dumbfounded! Your adventures are off the chain, keep them coming! Until next time! Hey, any News on Que from Day 26? This is has bounce back year rememeber!

    1. Hey Mister Cruz! Thank you for the reply! Nothing on Que yet. He maybe in the studio working on his moment. It takes a lot to come out swinging, especially after being dropped from a group. The right moment is always key to success.

  2. you ain’t slick it was Mr.T. S……right!? lol…you still have not answered my other advice on the blog post before the v-day post? i need you advice lol!

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