Meat Of The Minute: The Finer Brown

Yeah Chris.

I’ll leave you for the teeny boppers.
I need a real man….
… one I do not have to duck a punch from.

I was on the hunt for new meat when I came across Chris Brown’s twin,
Shannon Brown.

They aren’t actually related but one is making NBA money…
…and is the finer non offspring.



One thing that caught me with him is his voice and his hands.
This niggum has some big ass “palm and spread ya cheeks while he is smashin’ you standing up” type hands.
And the type of voice that will make you get outta bed
at 3 in the morning to get yourself cleaned up because he tryna come over.

I’m liking what I’m seeing from Mr. Brown.
Shannon Brown.
I need more.

Alot more.

Can I get a no hold barred dick report and stroke resume?
I need to keep my fantasies alive…


Later Foxes

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