Meat Of The Minute: New Rookie Meat

What do these three names mean to you?

Percy Harvin
Knowshon Moreno
Mike Thomas


Well I do not know what they mean to you,
but they mean rookie meat to me.
I love when they debut new meat.
That is how I spotted my baby boy Devin Thomas.

These are the 3 stand out sexiest rookies this season.


Percy Harvin
Wide Receiver
Minnesota Vikings

Height: 5-11   Weight: 184   Age: 21

Born: 5/28/1988

College: Florida

Jamari Likes: Eyes, Lips, Arms, Chest, and Ass.


Knowshon Moreno
Running Back
Denver Broncos

Height: 5-11   Weight: 210   Age: 22

Born: 7/16/1987 Belford , NJ

College: Georgia

Jamari Likes: Lips, Eyes, and Arms


Mike Thomas
Wide Receiver
Jacksonville Jaguars

Height: 5-8   Weight: 198   Age: 22

Born: 6/4/1987 Bossier , LA

College: Arizona

Jamari Likes: His whole damn face … Jesus lol…

So…. who do you like so far?

this is mine…


you know i got good taste.

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