MEAT: (369)

take it all in.
i like my meat clean so thumbs up on the water.
i do want that smothered in a1 bbq sauce after tho.
an f-bi sent me this juicy steak to share with the foxhole…

everyone meet marvin montgomery.
cosmopolitan’s hottest bachelor in atlanta

tumblr_mbsi2obzM31rrc78ehe “big n skrongs”.
i like that.
he also had an interview with krave magazine about his bachelorhood:

-2 -19sexy and smart too.
not bad.
marvin is also a body builder,
if you couldn’t guess:

i’ll take it!

photo credit:
starwalt photography
keith anthony photography
michelle’s touch photography
shedriven photography
marvin’s model mayhem page

6 thoughts on “MEAT: (369)

  1. Yawn…too many things don’t add up. Cosmo now randomly calls people – yeah right.. he already ASKED for that role. 2. He is an investment banker…… and has the time to be a bodybuilder/model/cosmo man….Krave just puts all the ATL ‘ men’ (aka body builders/”models”/”upcoming” athletes etc). Good for him though at least he got the title. At least he’s going to get a lot more exposure. TO ME, he is a buttaface. I take the guy on the left of jamari’s blog over him

    1. if he’s as famous as he claims he should have more than 137 friends on MM and MORE views on his pics

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