MEAT: (328)

tumblr_mh3wbzg2xo1s1toyio1_500this wolf has a very interesting look.
i’m trying to figure out if i’d talk to him…

tumblr_mi173sq4pH1r20315o1_500 tumblr_mi173sq4pH1r20315o2_500i just might.

lowkey: would he be considered an exxxotical?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “MEAT: (328)”

  1. I’ve never thought albinos were attractive, and their eyes move funny, and when I look at him and imagine him brown I see him as ugly, its his clear pink skin and platinum hair that makes him alluring, but for me not attractive at all

    1. ^in high school,
      there was this albino guy I would always stare it.
      he looked similar to the guy I just posted.
      i didn’t know what he was or why it happened.
      i was interested lowkey.
      he was really popular,
      was on the basketball team,
      and was always getting pussy.

  2. In my past I “knew” an albino that at that time had one of the biggest meat I had seen and having distant relatives that are albinos so I was comfortable around him. But plenty of people treated him with curiosity and you know people can be cruel. I haven’t thought of him in a while may he rest in peace.

  3. I couldn’t do it. It’s the skin. I’m not shallow, but I wouldn’t be able to get past it.

  4. *sigh* he’s handsome and you know I’m a sucka for full lips…why does he look like an albino djimon honsou in the face??!?! or is it just me…anyways he’s a cutie

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