Meeting new men is always so much fun.

The “what if” and the “maybe”.
Hmmm, I  wonder if this one I caught in my trap will be worth it….

….or not?

We will call this one…. Lyke.

Lyke, likes his clothes and sneakers as he likes his bottoms: Fresh.
That is why he sent me a message stating: “I want to be your cuddle buddy”.

Bold move.
20 points.

How could I turn down such a request?
I mean,
it is getting cold and any good Fox wants to be curled up with a Big Bad Wolf.

He is slim, with tattoos. Bald head and nice ripe lips. He also has a daughter.

I met him on BGC and to be honest,
it is moving way too fast.
I do not know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.
Of course, we all like it when we meet a dude and he is eager to meet
and eager to jump from “me” 2 “us” …. all while looking good in the process.

But dudes + games + BGC = S.M.H.

I’m not about to get gased up like I’m some groupie nigga, especially when my heart is involved.

I gave him my # and we have been texting HEAVY ever since.
He called me this morning and his voice damn nearly knocked me off the bed.

With his closet full of pictures and a swagged out voice to match, I might want to add him as an accessory with my wardrobe.

He wants to come thru tomorrow.
I agreed… or I may turn him down.
He said that he doesnt want to fuck just anyone he isn’t, in his words, “wifed up with”.

Music to any bottom’s ears, but usually that flies out the window when you meet them.
It goes from acting like The Virgin Mary 2 Good Luck Chuck.

Hopefully, we will spend the day without keeping our hands off each other (or will it be my hands that may cause me trouble?).

Judging from his text talk, he seems like a decent enough guy but texts can lie.

I’ll keep you updated foxes.

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