“Let’s Rape Someone and Put It On Facebook Live!” – The Idiots Said.

we live in a world where social media is making us stupid.
don’t get me wrong,
it’s a great tool for recording the our greatest memories.
the bad side is when it gets into the paws of “the idiots”.
“the idiots” want to record when they cheated,
who they fought in the forests,
and when they took innocent lives.
there is a lot of stupidity up on al gore’s “new” internet.
so 3 jackals,
decided to rape a vixen and stream it on facebook live.

a foxholer sent me the article via “yahoo news”

(L to R) Antun Hester, Rayford Smith and Martin Milan

Three teenagers were arrested in Memphis, Tennessee, after allegedly raping a teenager and broadcasting the attack on Facebook Live.

Martin Milan, 19, Antun Hester, 18, and Rayford Smith, 19, were all charged with aggravated rape and especially aggravated exploitation of a minor after the 17-year-old girl reported the attack Wednesday, reported WREG.

The girl had invited Milan to her house to have sex but when he asked if he could bring his “brother” she said she was not interested, reported the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper, citing the arrest affidavit.

Police have reportedly recovered text messages between the girl and Milan

Milan later arrived at her home with Smith and Hester in tow, but she said that she was only interested in Milan and asked the others to wait in a different room while they had sex.

Several minutes later, Smith and Hester allegedly entered the teenager’s room and raped her, according to police.

Smith is accused of recording the attack on video and posting it on Facebook Live. Officers recovered the footage from his cellphone

After the attack, the teenager allegedly hid in her grandmother’s bathroom and telephoned police.

The suspects were due to appear in court Friday, with Milan’s bond set at $100,000 and Hester and Smith’s at $50,000 each

okay so wait…

Why didn’t she dead that dick appointment when she saw the other random with Milan?

if i said i’m not interested in having another person in my crib,
but i see someone else with you outside the peephole,
you damn sure ain’t coming inside.
don’t fuck anyone who:

a) doesn’t listen
b) pressures you into doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable

it’s sad that she didn’t stick to her guns and this was the outcome.
that being said,
the good news is “the idiots” create a paper trail nowadays.
cell phones get pinged at the nearest crime scenes,
text messages/emails are signed confessions,
and recording the actual crime gets you this card in court:

other generations still have crimes still waiting to be solved.
social media is making “the idiots” easier to get caught.
i guess there is  good in that.

article cc: yahoo news

8 thoughts on ““Let’s Rape Someone and Put It On Facebook Live!” – The Idiots Said.

  1. Fuck their safety, they deserves to be torture and more everyday of their lives…..that was some sick, twisted shit for these fuck boys to do. Smh

  2. Her parent(s) never told her, don’t let anyone in the house when I’m not home?!
    I grew up in a time where the neighbors would snitch on you in a heartbeat!
    and like J said, if she saw that he was with two other people, why would you even let him in?! And then go into a room to have sex with one of them, leaving the others free to roam about in your house. Crazy, and wayyyy too trusting.

  3. I do not care what happen to these guys. if it was my daughter only god knows what I will do.

  4. First line should read, “We live in a world were social media is making the current generation look stupid.”

    Also, that 17 year old girl shouldn’t be trying to have sex anyway. Of course this is coming from someone that waited well beyond 17 to have sex.

    Man, I feel for them. Things are definitely not going to be good once they get in that cell. They are giving up some throat and booty…that’s for sure.

    They should be thankful this isn’t Brazil or something. I’d really fear for their safety then.

    You know this really has me thinking now..if people are bold enough to broadcast rape in America, I wonder if shooters and racists will start broadcasting their assault?

    In the mind of a madman, this would be the quicker way to broadcast your reign of terror.

    1. ^that question reminds me of the plot of “scream 4”.

      most recently,
      andrew cunanan in “acs: versace”.
      some killers get off on the high of who they killed,
      the news reports,
      and people talking about it.
      don’t be surprised.

      1. Yeah. I hear most killers like to watch their crimes and often even show up at the crime scene as a passerby. It’s crazy these days. You never know who is insane.

      2. @Jammy…they do. They tend to return to the scene of the crime, and if they don’t get the attention they feel they deserve, they will taunt the police.
        We live in a sick society.

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