On My Knees

tumblr_lnsc0iRm561qf17omo1_500“cum fuck me feels with the cross on them”.
i guess anything to feel righteous while on your knees.
so last night,
i woke up out my sleep at 430am.
when that happens,
its usually because i have a lot on my mind.
the first thing i do is get on my knees to pray.
well i wanted someone to pray with me.
since everyone i knew was probably sleep,
or just turning over,
i decided to try something a little different
i called a prayer hotline.
sulli_peekaboodon’t judge me.
i called and a nice lady picked up.

“silent unity.
how can we pray with you?”

i told her my issues for about 15 minutes.
she listened and i felt no judgment.
she prayed for me and i felt a little better.
the crazy part is when i dozing off,
i felt like someone was holding my hand.
no it wasn’t my other hand.
anyway i know a lot of my readers are dealing.
they say its good when many people pray on one thing.
so i hope this helps someone out there.


1 800-NOW-PRAY (669-7729)


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “On My Knees”

  1. Damn, now I’m gonna be pacing back and forth trying to sum up the courage to call this number.I can be a nervous wreck for such small things.

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