Is Koree Winning The “Face” and “Body Goals” Award?

you know how much i love koree‘s face.
i don’t have to go into it.
you can peep foxhole past.

a foxholer sent me the following pic and i gasped.
how you gonna have a nice face

…and also stacked in the front and back?

i know his dms are poppppppppin.
i’m sure he could pull a baller,
if not,
a rapper wolf.

i just hope he has a beautiful personality to match.
all of that would be a waste.

lowkey: koree goes hard in the gym….

i’ll allow it.

29 thoughts on “Is Koree Winning The “Face” and “Body Goals” Award?

  1. I’d sure love to take tha duncan hines frosting from that fridge and spread it on his cakes and in between👅👅👅👅👅

  2. I’m glad yall are starting to wake up to the photoshopping these attentionistos are doing to their pics. captainunderpants on tumblr is another one.

  3. Do you think those are his natural eyelashes, because I have a friend that wants to know his secret. 😉

  4. He sits…but in a “ball queen walking face” way….Sex Siren? Yes. Everyday Phyne? Boyfriend/Husband Phyne? Take hme to Mama Phyne? Kellon Derryk slays those categories….

    1. Just did a quick “Google It”. Yes. That is a nice looking Hershey. I think he’s the guy that took a picture with B. Scott. Both of em look good. He’s def got the look of all those things you described.

  5. Because he edits his pics to make his ass look bigger, it’s so sad. As for everything else.. maybe it’s maybelline?

  6. Each part of his face is beautiful but altogether something is off. The body is great….but the ass in the photo is not the same ass in the video.

  7. not my type
    too pretty, and there is something about his face and body and proportions that make him look unrealistic
    but good looking though
    i am sure there are others who’d be interested

    1. I think it’s the way he edits his pics… He does too much when it comes to editing & airbrushing. It’s like those “IG models” who look so plastic & fake in their pics thanks to surgery & photoshop. Koree looks much better to me in his candid Instagram Live videos

      1. Yeah, I sense some plastic surgery here and i’ve seen his nudes too, thats another story. I wonder if he’s the fem type tho?

      2. yes, he does look like he had some plastic surgery. Even his nudes don’t do it for me and I wonder if he’s fem type.

    1. Yasss. I saw Rih’s name and was like “I know Smbdy ain’t in here talking isht bout my girl” I was about to come with the heater haha yasss I love Rih

  8. He is gorgeous. There’s no doubt about that. However, something just does not look right below the waist.

  9. He’s a nice looking man with a nice body. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I’m, (& it’s just mine) Im not really turned on by “pretty men” at all. Like em a little scruffy and hard around the edges. But I do like the structure of this guys face. It is slightly regal.

    1. I actually have to agree. He’s clearly the isht but too much for my likings. I like to look at these type of men and das it. I’m more into a Miguel or a Jidenna, maybe even a Kofi Siribro (idk how to spell that isht).

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