Is Koree Winning The “Face” and “Body Goals” Award?

you know how much i love koree‘s face.
i don’t have to go into it.
you can peep foxhole past.

a foxholer sent me the following pic and i gasped.
how you gonna have a nice face

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Koree Did A “2 for 1” Drag Combo (Lil Duval and Porsha Williams)

he has such a stunning facial.
koree is so handsome.
so i don’t know if you have heard of this new “eyebrow” craze.
i swear,
i’m convinced mental illness is at an all time high.
this is the current alleged trend:

beautiful sista,
but like,

what are we doing?
how do you even get your eyebrows like that?
well lil duval called out koree for having his eyebrows like that.
this is how it went down…
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The Pipe Leakage on Koree

/this entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.


nice skin
nice bawdy
big bunz
striking face
….and a big ass pipe?

the f-bi did it again.
along with alla that,
koree has some pipe leakage also.
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