i was really concerned about cinderella’s life before she became a bad bitch

this morning,
at around 4am,
i randomly went into the disney vault and started watching cinderella on disney+.
i couldn’t sleep and watching that movie has been on my spirit.
i’ve had this service for over a year,
but the only thing i’ve watched is “black is king” and a few “the simpsons” episodes.
i guess the motivation came from watching  “toy story 4” earlier that day,

side-note: don’t even get me started on how ugly i cried at the end of that movie.

i felt like i was watching cinderella for the first time.
as a kid,
i’m sure i’d be excited over those singing rats.
as an adult tho…


i’m laying there watching this movie like wtf is even going on right now.
they got her waking up at the crack of dawn to make breakfast,
feed singing animals,
and clean the whole damn mansion.


not to mention sew and steam the clothes of her manipulative and abusive ass step family.
that wasn’t even those three bitches house either!!!
it was her father’s crib and when he passed away,
she continued to live with the step mom and the 2 canker sore looking step sisters.


this part made me laugh tho.
she was a whole karen.
cinderella was clearly manipulated by that she-jackal since she had nowhere to go.
this is part i felt she had a psychotic break.


and don’t even get me started on those two egghead bitches snatching off her first dress.


the singing rats done re-worked this dress,
a hand me down from my mama,
and then those two ogres went and ripped my shit up.
i woulda thrown paws!!
no one was going to a ball that night.

side-note 2: the prince def wouldn’t have picked her in that dress tho.
The Universe saved her.

 from the time cinderella father passed up until,
she clearly was dealing with some kind of trauma.
i’m starting to believe the talking rats didn’t even exist either.
no one is talking about how her crib had a major rat problem!

i think them talking was a figment of her imagination tho.
if they were real,
she could have been conspired with them to take those three bitches out.
they were real ryde or die for her.
i’m trying to figure out if the fairy godmother angle was too.

I was legit breaking that movie down and I wasn’t even high

i wonder what happened to the step mama and her pack of wild bitches?
did they get evicted?
did they get blacklisted to the the pits of hell?
are they doing their own manual labor?

one thing i will say is that cinderella practiced the law of attraction real heavy.
that one song she was singing,
a dream is a wish your heart makes“,
was all about wanting something and continuing to have faith.

i was really into this movie and i was not mad at it.
it wasn’t my favorite of the disney princesses,
but it was a good story to keep on dreaming when life is the pits.
i’m actually going to watch all the other disney movies from the vault.
i think the only one i vaguely remember is the little mermaid.
even that movie is fuzzy to me.
ima watch “sleeping beauty” next.
the baddest bitch,
is in that one.

lowkey: can i font you that this rat was working my whole nerve in that movie…

he was so fuckin’ stupid.
how did he even survive that long?

15 thoughts on “i was really concerned about cinderella’s life before she became a bad bitch

  1. I’m dead at this analysis. Lol.

    You asked the right questions and stated some facts as well.

    Cinderella was going through it, and if it wasn’t for the ball, she would’ve been stuck there for the rest of her life.

    And yeah hands would’ve been thrown at them stepsisters.

  2. the livw action is pretty good. the costumes and care Blanchett as the evil stepmother are great. Cinderella herself is meh.
    the best version is Drew Barrymore ‘s ever after. it’s so good.

  3. Cinderella is better than me because after they tore my dress up nobody was going to any Ball that night..it would have been a showdown..

    1. LMFAOOOOOOOO! Straight facts 👏👏👏 That would’ve been my breaking point chile. Probably low key would’ve went in on the animals too for getting me caught up in that shit in the first place 😂😂😂😂

  4. LMFAO! Yooooo I’m ctfu 😂😂😂😂 Mari were you high? Because the way you broke down that movie…👀 Lmaoooooo! I won’t even lie, but I definitely have a better appreciation for Cinderella now that I’m older. Ironically now that I’m older Cinderella which was my least favorite “disney princess” movie is probably one of my top 3 disney princess movies and Sleeping Beauty which was my absolute favorite of the princess movies is one of my bottom three. Aurora was TRASHHHHH as a main character 😞

    1. ^ i was watching that shit like i was a therapist LMAO!!!!
      i liked the songs in cinderella tho.
      why were the talking rats more of the main characters than she was?
      ima watch sleeping beauty today.
      i didn’t think aurora was even it in long.
      i thought she spent the whole movie sleeping.
      that movie was really about the bad bitch that is maleficent and no one can tell me otherwise 😏

      1. LMFAO you was definitely on therapy time fr 😂😂😂 And bruhhh don’t ask me. I have no idea why she named him that. It doesn’t go with him at all Lml. And yeah your memory is totally correct. Aurora has MAYBE six…or seven scenes at BEST throughout that entire movie. Sis wasn’t even really a character honestly. I wholeheartedly agree with you about Maleficent. She, the animation, the three fairy grannies (Although now that I’m older they were kinda annoying to me) and maybe the prince are the only things keeping that movie from going into the garbage bag.

        1. ^ slapstick type characters really annoy me tbh.
          that fat rat in cinderella got on my nerves.
          ima see how the three fairy grannies do.
          from what i remember,
          aurora was just “there”.
          the movie was about the other characters.
          it’s similar to cinderella and what i remember about show white.
          that movie was the witch and those goons she called dwarves.
          you not gonna tell me that wasn’t a mob.

          i think that’s why maleficent is such an iconic character.
          she basically is the main attraction in sleeping beauty.
          that’s why she got her own movie with angie lol

          1. Lmfao I’m weak! They definitely were a whole mob very high key 😂😂😂 And now that you mention it 🤔 ALL of the Disney Princesses from the “classic disney era” were pretty much plot devices and not really much else. Although Cinderella and Snow White at least have a little bit of a personality and FAR more screentime than poor Aurora gets 😔 Jasmine and Ariel (even though I personally don’t like Ariel or the movie) were the first to break that tradition and thank God they did 👏 And yeah Maleficent is easily one of their most iconic. Although I’m not gonna lie you gonna laugh your ass off at her motivations behind her actions. Sis is the epitome of PETTY 😂😂😂 The whole reason behind her antagonistic nature is because she didn’t get invited to Aurora’s birth/baby shower.

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