I Smell Shit (Its All Over Me)

i looked at the weather and it didn’t say there was going to be a shit storm.
must have snuck past.
i might not have patience.
that could be it.
it would explain a lot.
i usually want things to happen this instant.
that little spoiled brat that hasn’t grown up.
either way,
the last two days in my life were hell.
it would explain the late postings…

so i ended up getting an iphone 6s.
i wanted it in that rose gold color,
but since that i had to wait for that,
i settled for the grey and black.

i’m sure there is a nice life lesson in that paragraph.

i got the phone and it was all good
until it went completely haywire on me.
it started acting weird af.

examples of weird af:

the apps wouldn’t download
it got completely hot
my swiftkey keyboard stopped work
apple music didn’t play any songs
other fuck shit that exhausts me to even mention

giphy-1this all started friday at work.
it trickled on into today.
i had to battle apple via phone about it.
it was like pulling teeth to get help.
when i went to look at the foxhole,
there was continuous photos of a cat on my sidebar.
come to find out,
my photo bucket account was deactivated.
at that point,
i was convinced someone put voodoo on me.

everything was going wrong

i saw myself sinking into a bad place,
but i did redeem myself in my eyes.
i politely pulled that “he(bitch)” right from the attic.
when i have to do that:

giphyi called apple back and flamed them until i got my way.
i used a lot of:

“i am a valued customer of apple and i need this handled.”

“the way i’m being treated,
after speaking so highly of this company,
as well as owning numerous apple products,
is absolutely unaccepted.”

and what cracked karoake up when i told me:

“i am being treated with my issue like a project dwelling hoodrat.
see thats when we start to have a problem…”

she asked me if i really told them that.
she should know better.
my mouth has no filter when i’m vex.
i don’t give a fuck about feelings or “how i look” at that point.
fuck how i look!
fix my fuckin phone!
i was not getting the assistance i needed so i went in.
hell they would tell me hold on and the call would get disconnected.

naw homie.

they was dropping the ball today.
as far as photo bucket,
i have a feeling it might be from that baller wolf i posted.
i’m not sure,
but ironically all this happened after the numerous “threats” i received.
if thats the case,
i hope he realizes that “this” scandal better be his last.
my f-bi runs deep.
  they also don’t like it when their home is threatened.

giphy-2either way,
the phone is kinda working now and still waiting for photobucket to respond.
i’m just taking it easy and catching up on all the shows i missed.

I hope the foxholers are good out there…?

lowkey: the “he(bitch)” is back in the attic.

18 thoughts on “I Smell Shit (Its All Over Me)

  1. See what happens when you settle? 😉 I’m just playing, but you could use this as an excuse to get the rose gold you wanted in the first place! It’s a new phone, you shouldn’t be having problems like that.

    Honestly, I hate apple as far as the way they handle their business. Very messy. Apple products are nice, but usually not worth the hassle. I wish they would get it together!

    Sorry you had to go through that! Maybe don’t get your iPhone through apple anymore? maybe through like Best Buy or another electronics store with better service next time?

    1. ^i got it through my phone company,
      but thankfully,
      apple gives each phone a year warranty.
      ill be at the Apple store Monday tho.
      i got an appointment booked during my lunch break.

      1. Oh I see!
        This is good! Get that ish handled like Olivia Pope, Jamari Fox style! LOL! Ask for the Rose one while you’re at it! I hope everything works out! 🙂

  2. This confirm it I don’t trust Apple products. There’s alway some fucked up bullshit that happens with Apple products. I tried to masturbate with the Apple iDildo xxx-1 and that shit electrocuted my boypussy. Never again

  3. Jamari you stay clapping back at somebody lol jk. I’m glad your doing better and was it the football player you posted earlier this week your talking about.

      1. Your right and of course if this was a female blog he wouldn’t be pissed. These dummies need to learn when you have sex with these random girls they just met consequences can arise from that.

  4. Damn sorry about all the hell you’ve going through with this phone.

    P.S. Like the way you got Apple together , classy with a pinch of (he)bitch 😎

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