I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (4)

this jackal vixen learned the hard way…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC6CyWOxgDA]



but then SpokenReasons had to make me LOL even further…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW95hU08DGA]

9 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (4)

  1. she got what she diserved and he was righ you wana step in a mans shoes be prepared to lace them up LMAO!!!!

  2. He said, “you’re going to jail” btw. There’s a full length video, and… it’s a mess of arguing and stuff. She also spit on him. And not one person decides to step in or try to defuse things until she gets hit with the ‘Tiger Uppercut!’ and then they wanna say ‘she’s a girl!’ AWL of y’all have a seat…heffas.

  3. Hate how women always wanna be aggressive with a man and when ass whooping sharing they run behind the female defense.

  4. Uncle Ben, made rice pudding out of that ass. This little bitch got just what she deserved, I dont give one fuck that she was female, you do not disrespect your elders like that. I hope he does not lose his job over this. One thing I know is old people dont have no time to play with your young ass, she best be glad he did not put another hole in her ass, with his gun, because most old timers are packing heat. Hopefully the rest of these young bad asses will realize their place when they see this informational tutorial on bus safety. Dont shake the table unless you wanna be shooked.

  5. This was totally uncalled for. That was too much. He did not have to do that at all. He uppercutted her like she was in a boxing ring. She was running her mouth and yea she tapped his jaw, but she was not threat to him physically. If she’s a minor he will get into some serious trouble for this.

  6. This was an epic nigga moment.

    Disrespecting elders, putting hands on old folks, uppercutting and choking a woman, just all kinds of foolishness and carrying-on.

    Old people have lived life, they are fresh out of fucks to give.

    Why did she try it though?

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