I Feel Different #dontjudgeme

vintage-sunflowers-tumblr-widescreen-2right now,
in my life,
i feel happy.
maybe it’s that book i’m reading ever week.
it could even be just seeing God working in my life.
i don’t know,
but something inside me feels…
you know what i’ve been doing?…

i been mentally pretending i’m a celebrity.
don’t laugh.
i’ve actually been acting how i think i would be if i was famous.
not a snotty or rude one.
one of the good ones.
i’ve been really upbeat,
not giving a fuck,
and doing my own thing while looking good doing it.
it makes me feel this energy.
something is connecting within me.
i’ve been learning to stay in the present moment.
it’s starting to work out.
i’ll keep my crossing my fingers it will be like this…


13 thoughts on “I Feel Different #dontjudgeme

  1. So glad you’re feeling positive, I’ve been feeling kinda the same like there are so many opportunities right around the corner. I heard recently that the world will see and treat you how you see and treat yourself. So keep letting those positive beams shine within you.

    1. ^i am working hard to feel like this everyday.
      sometimes i’ll have a down moment,
      but then i try to shift the perspective.
      it’s def not easy,
      but it’s getting easier.

  2. Let hope and pray it does stay like that forever. If not, then I can always take you to Iceland to see Brunhilde, a 600 lbs masseuse, where she will sit on your face and fart in your mouth until you start having vision of God. The Icelandic people use this technique on naughty little boys to behave or to suffocate to death, but either way, it works.

  3. You are having a break through. Capture this in a journal so you can look back on what got you to this point so if you ever get off track you know how to get back on track

  4. Jamari,

    I told you in e-mails all throughout 2015 and well into 2016 that this would be your year. If you haven’t officially exited the winter of your discount, then it’ll happen in the coming weeks. Enjoy the road maps to your bright and sunny spring.

    1. ^thank you p!!!!
      such beautiful words and yes,
      i remember you telling me!
      when i say i can literally see the presence of God in my life…

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