I Could Stand for a Sherrod Belton Work Out

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.01.37 PMnothing better than a fine wolf in your shower.
i dream.
well of course,
foto119 introduced me to someone new.
everyone meet sherrod belton

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.01.18 PM
tumblr_lh3gl10zaW1qzlpzc…and i’ll take it.
from what i know so far,
he is:

from houston, texas
 certified personal trainer
nutrition coach
fitness model
fine as frog’s hair
positive he looks good naked

take a look at more shots he did for foto119:

can’t forget some of his own personals:

…but what i really like is his work out/training videos:

is it just me…
or is he packing some serious:


you know i like my wolves stacked in all areas.
we’ll i’ll be wanting watching more of sherrod.
if you want more,
check out his work out channel on youtube:


tell him the foxhole sent ya.


nite nite.

pictured credited: foto119 | sherrod belton

13 thoughts on “I Could Stand for a Sherrod Belton Work Out

  1. I love his booty looks in those sweats. Is it me or does he look like the caramel version of the other guy from Foto911?

  2. Is being a fitness training the new career for everyone? I’m not complaing. He fine! Lol

  3. One of the fitness dudes, I follow on IG, dont forget to highlight his Bestie Model Aaron Spady. He is actually working out with him in video #5 with the shirt that has the number 1. Oh yea both of their nudes are on Tumblr for those who might be inquiring about such things and for those who are not, carry on-LOL!

    1. I am sorry you all, dont mean to leave you all hanging, it was on one of the 100,000 Bait Blogs on Tumblr, and of course I can not remember which one, I saved the pictures, somewhere but it is going to take me a minute as I am a big picture collector, (Dont Judge-LoL) but I promise if I run across the blog or the pics which ever come first I will let you all know. Hell it may be easier just to google their names, but if I am not mistaken and I may be wrong, but I think it was one of the bait blogs that do IG dudes. I was shocked at first about how most of these fitness trainers on IG have leaked nudes but now its like if you dont have your nudes leaked something must be wrong because I have seen most of them and many of them that I follow in the raw 🙂

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