he might have some, but antonio brown might have lost 1

there comes in a point in a male’s life where he starts to rebel.
it happens during break ups,
and the “mid life crisis“.
for antonio brown,
it seems like it’s happening since he was exited out the nfl.
he has been doing some real “off” shit.

and since then,
be has debuted his “rap” career:


 it’s all very bizarre.
his baby’s mother,
chelsie kyriss,
is over it.
this is what she posted to her ig


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Over the last few years I have stood at the side of my children’s father Antonio Brown and watched the rise and fall of an incredible man and athlete. Our children and I have distanced ourselves from him and our former home. Although we have parted ways I wish nothing but the best for him. Unfortunately, it seems Antonio has made questionable choices and continues to ignore the advice of those who love and support him. At this point the boys and I are working on building a new life free from any impulsive, reckless and unhealthy behaviors. My hope is that Anotonio will get help and seek the mental health treatment that he so desperately needs so that he can be the father all of his children need and deserve. #MediaResponse

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i’d be gone too.
he doesn’t seem to respect her.
every time he dips out into new pussy,
he always leaves her high and dry.
he is in new pussy at the moment with this one:


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Double Stuff

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once he is done fuckin her every which way possible,
he will want to go back home.

Enough is enough

these alleged texts that she posted that he sent her:

a threesome in 2020 tho.
he violated.
ain’t no bawdy in the whole forests…

i woulda cussed him.
these males ain’t worth the stress they bring.
she can do bad all by herself.

lowkey: antonio is good to fuck on a bed of money,
but he seems like a headache.
get some dick and run.

screenshots: brobible

9 thoughts on “he might have some, but antonio brown might have lost 1

  1. I just noticed the videos above.. Was he talking to the mother of his children like that in front of his children/ boys.. He’s a POS.. he has no effing respect for himself, his family.. We need to call out rass BS when we see it. I don’t care if he’s Black, if he’s wrong he’s wrong. Is this what he wants his boys to think about their mother.. He’s really a pathetic Man.

  2. The NFL fail to realize these players are going mental from all these concussions and hard hits. If this isn’t a clear sign. Everything about him is changing but its not stable. That same gif of him running out the house saying I’m free is what got him fired from the NFL in the first place. This was a man who could read contracts and read between the lines. Now he can’t even complete a full sentence. Talking like a 8th grader. I get texting you don’t proofread your text, you also don’t post gibberish. A lot of people short text but you can understand what they are saying. You can’t understand what he is saying and this is an educated man who knew how to get out of a NFL contract without being penalized to get what he wanted! Very educated. Something wrong

  3. Makes me wonder if he has some kind of Brain injury.. His behaviors are to say the least bizarre. Isn’t this the same guy that was with his doctor and was farting in front of the doctor with no pause. He’s beginning to sound like he is self des tructing.. He needs to be evaluated ASAP.

    1. ^and folks are gonna cheer him on until he finally breaks.
      that’s the fake shit with people i can’t deal with.
      they will tolerate him because he has money/status/power.
      once it’s gone,
      they will dip including that new vixen.

  4. I read on TMZ that an arrest warrant has been issued for him for burglary and battery regarding that assault of that moving truck driver.The warrant mentions he is known to carry a weapon so officers should use caution when approaching him.I hope this doesn’t badly.

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