calvin myers gets some alleged cheek clappin’ leakage?

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

you know i’ve been wanted to see calvin myers “onlyfans”.
i was dying to know if he could fuck as good as he looks and cooks.
well a foxholer came through for me!
they sent me an alleged present they found on xtube for review…


that tail of his looks even better in strokin’ motion.
she should have been squeezing on it tbh.

what he needs do is let a sista ride on that yoga dick next.
why were those snow vixens just laying there so dead-like?
i would have been feelin’ all over that bawdy of his.

now for 32 dollars tho…

I need to see more fuckin’ and more positions

i’d love if he could do some karma sutra since he is flexible ‘n’ shit.
maybe even fuck in the oven.
i dunno,
but 32 dollars i hope he has more than what was leaked.

You might feel different after watching it tho.

go to his “onlyfans”: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “calvin myers gets some alleged cheek clappin’ leakage?”

  1. Never heard of him. Beautiful dark-skinned man. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt & assume the women he is with doesn’t like to pounded. His stroke isn’t terrible but it’s not what I would call a good a show stopper.

    Muscle dudes have sex like they are in the gym doing reps and that is a no-no. If def tell my fiancee that we need to try different types of things to fix that pipe

  2. Lol his lil OF career won’t last long by the looks of it. He’s in compettion with guys who are just as hot putting out better content, fucking more attractive people and just appearing more put-together than his sloppy half-assed sorry ass videos. I mean he has a nice body to look at but this shit was lackluster at best. Definitely not worth the dime.

    Btw does anybody here have any Rhys [email protected] fucking videos? He is an OF guy who’s stroke game I’m very intrigued to see.

  3. Ah he’s adorable in that cooking video. I don’t care about the stroke game. I got a hand and a dildo. I just need that body and a fun personality.

  4. He has a nice booty and balls but I’m not impressed. And making people pay $32 for THAT?! He fell and cracked his head with that one.

  5. He horrible and boring Jack Rabbit my Kobrahling didn’t even twitch See a lot of these guys rest on Sexy and all that sort of Jazz It’s not enough for me cause its a gimmick Work Harder🐍

  6. Ok, so let me get this straight he wants you to pay him to watch him have sex? Ok well number one this really speaks to his over-inflated sense of self and let’s not get started on the types of women he’s fucking within the videos I’m truly convinced that black just have no standards at all when it comes to non-black women I’ve seen drag queens who look better than that no sense of pride at all.

  7. Just like i imagined it would be….BORING AS FUCK. He’s sexy but most muscle bound guys dick game be average or whack

  8. he’s better as a bottom from watching his scenes
    very boring and these woman aren’t porn material
    and to think that some imbeciles are paying 30 $ to view this…chile !

    1. ^he needs to lower the price since folks are gonna leak his content.
      his shit should be 10 dollars,
      with 5 dollar specials here and there.

      32 dollars for that is unreasonable.

  9. From the looks of it, all the girls he was with were ugly as hell! I’ll pass on whatever else material he puts out.

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