From The Back

fromthebackgoing to work,
i always see fine wolves.
today was no exception.
not with ^that one.
“he” got on and completely got me off…

i’m talmbout weak in the kneess,
forgot my own name,
“lose my breath” like destiny’s child kind of fine.

tumblr_levusc1aXd1qej93ko1_500right b?
he was something to see from the back,
but the front looked even better.
everything he wore fit his body perfectly.
it’s like he glowed.
he resembled like a mixture of wolves that have glowed in my fantasies.
he was the right amount of hue,
and opacity.
he was a walking png file.
a tumblr reblog.
over 1,000 likes on instagram.
perfect in every pixel.
he immediately got “right click saved” in my memory.
he was soooo…
yeah that’s it.
whoever is getting to experience that,
i salute them.
in a perfect world,
it would be me.

9 thoughts on “From The Back

  1. That was me at the DMV yesterday. I almost losted it. Bruh had the nices full lip. Mmm. Reminded be why I’m about this bi

  2. Man I can’t wait to move back to NY.
    I glad you stay in NY instead of FL cause let be honest I don’t think FL has fine wolves

  3. You are brave! I could never take someone’s pic on the DL like that! As much as I would LOVE to…my damn phone would give me away anyway, because it makes that click sound when you take a picture! LOL

      1. you shoulda got a pic of that face. man up jamariā€¦just stroll up to dude and snap a pic. whats the worst that can happen? lol.

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