foXXX: Trainer Wolf, Lazar Angelov, Gets All Up In It

tumblr_mcukhxtnRn1rdkxsio1_500i guess god saw i was having a emo day today.
i was blessed with a little happy from personal trainer,
lazar angelov.
i featured ( x him ) before,
but not like this.
nsfw and 18^ proceed…

the tat on that ripe pec was the give away.
i guess he offers private sessions in his training package.
don’t they all?
it is so see through on instagram.
i always imagined personal trainers to fuck like him tho.
well i hope so.
kinda like how they do when they are working out in the gym.
back pain.
*daydreams of using a personal trainer as human exercise machine*
“first lets start on tightening up my glutes and thighs baby…”

now can see some of the attention/herbalife whores of instagram next?

lowkey: imagine a fitness buff who is bad in bed.
that might actually be a contradiction.

9 thoughts on “foXXX: Trainer Wolf, Lazar Angelov, Gets All Up In It

  1. Damn he did that, dude is sexy AF wow saw him on Tumblr didnt know he was trainer but isnt everybody these days, Im thinking of getting my certification so I can enjoy the perks of being an attention whore, but anyway as I always say their is a fine line between personal trainer, model, actor, stripper they all equal WHORES these professions have the constant need for attention, and they feed off of it, hell I guess if you spend all that time in the gym you might as well enjoy the perks of the job, ask Larry North of Larry North fitness chain and the old rich broad he used to poke. She invested in him and now the rest is history sort to speak, he has a chain of upscale gyms and products and is a multi millionaire. These poor Instagram attention whores/personal trainers better take a page out of his book and stop fucking for Jordan’s, rims and likes on Instagram and step their game up.

  2. I didn’t know he was a personal trainer too.He’s hot but ugh at all these dudes being personal trainers.

  3. So this is the what all the personal trainers do? I knew it! He is getting her body in shape and getting her pussy out of shape. I think that is a bad deal lol.

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