do you have a “dickyelp” review to share with us?

i have found my new favorite guilty pleasure.
so “yelp” is a app where you can review restaurants.
dickyelp” on twitter is where folks send in alleged dick & stroke reports.
this is a sample

they even got an alleged baller wolf for review:

now my question is:

How do we know wolves ain’t going on there blowing helium on their own dick reviews?

scorned folks lying to ruin reputations?

lowkey: can we get some attentionistos on that???

visit “dickyelp” on twitter: here

9 thoughts on “do you have a “dickyelp” review to share with us?

  1. These reviews sound like they were written by men. “Not why why shorty ain’t mention” What woman talks like that? These sound like DL men reviewing the D, hence being anonymous.

  2. I laughing at the fact that they admit the dude is an asshole and still giving him high marks. I must be one of the fee that will flag you for being an asshole? I hate how some dudes treat others like shit & still get praised cause they have good peen.

  3. Did you see they have pu**y yelp too?! Social media is a real mess. You really see how childish and stuck in high school some people are. Also how you gonna exspose someones you slept with and then say you want to remain anonymous? I think that shows how bitchmade alot of people are. That my main problem with this. Like if you gonna tell it then you gotta tell it all and that includes you identity. *Usher voice*

    1. Why would someone want to end up missing, having their family know their sex adventures or getting sued? Enjoy the thottery and stop being unreasonable. Would you put all of YOUR business out there?

      1. Are you not aware that guys who are being exsposed have families as well? Families that will see their pic and review on the web. Futhermore i dont think i am being unreasonable by asking folks to tell the whole story not just the juicy parts. At the end of the day it takes two to tango…..

        1. Bragging on excellent penis is NOT the same thing as exposing nude pictures. If a man is cheating on his wife, hearing from thotties how his penis is, should inform her to leave. If he’s single, this comes with the territory of being a celebrity. People are kinky and nosy. I’m waiting on you to share if Dr Dre gave Eminem the D, Mr Dirty Dozen 😉

  4. Lawd ain’t nothing sacred. Lol i wouldn’t dare go bragging about anyone i was with and risk all kinds of heauxs DMing…nah. But i will read these. Lmbo

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