Damn Daddy You So Big! You Cant Even Fit In The Car! Oooh!

tumblr_mt4xbiUDub1qg3v0qo1_500i know my gym rats like to work out and all,
but simeon panda i’m not feelin ^.
it looks off or something.
i liked him when he was a old thick wolf like so…

now he looked like he is overdosing on his gym membership.
well he maybe different because he is a body builder.
i like my wolves football player sized and under.
laron landry is as big as i’d go.
too defined can actually look really unattractive.
simeon has a handsome face so i’d look past it.
johnny crome,
jj james are perfect as far as size and definition.
one thing i love is plump man tits.
i know a lot of foxes love a big ol buff monster truck wolf:

when is comes to working out…

Is there such a thing as too big?

15 thoughts on “Damn Daddy You So Big! You Cant Even Fit In The Car! Oooh!

  1. This dude is most def on the juice, but so is most of Hollywood. Your natural body can only grow so much with diet and exercise and then you need a little help, the Rock and LL are perfect examples, its no way they can maintain that level at 40plus yrs of age, I dont know how old this guy is, but he looks past 30. Young dudes in their late teens and early 20’s can grow fast but even they have limits due to having a higher level of testosterone. This dude went from fitness model size to bodybuilder and looks like Laron Landry is not far behind, both had perfectly good physiques but neither seems to know when to say when. I see this so much in the gym, its like so many dudes are never satisfied and want to be bigger, I guess to claim the title of the biggest and baddest, maybe its a male thing. I am naturally big and Im trying to get lean and the lean dudes in the gym want my physique, go figure, I would give anything to be naturally lean, I have to be careful because I become too big when I lift too much. This dude is very handsome, I can see getting a little big for a movie role, but this right here along with the Rock is just too damn big, maybe he is trying to break into the movies.

  2. Yea the dude is on steroids as he is changing his biddy size to go
    Pro in the body building industry….to each his own….hope his dick don’t shrink

  3. He looks like he wears a corset which is weird looking on women, so you know it’ll look weird on men.His tits are flexing along with his arms which isn’t good imo.I saw a picture of a dude’s before and after pic.There were 3, one before, one while, and one after.The one in the middle, just like Goldilocks would say was “just right.”A lot of these dudes go overboard.They want every single thing to have veins popping/muscles flexing.If they could lift weights with their dicks to get it cock diesel, I bet they all would.

  4. He looks like he had a few rounds of steroids for the mass and the same core lipo LL had for the mid section

  5. Yea there is a such thing as too big, and that dude is a perfect example. If y’all gym rats don’t like it oh well lol. Y’all still ain’t too big to get a beat down from a dude my size lol. I don’t want to be no bigger than Nick Cannon or Trey Songz. If that’s not big enough for the Foxes then they can move on the the next dude lol. I want to be fit, but still slim because I want my clothes to hug my body a certain way. I love medium sized figures, period.

    JJ didn’t always look that way. He used to have a stocky/solid build. As for Suraquah, he used to be skinny as hell. I’m proud of how far they have come though, being as fit as they are takes determination. I want to start working out on the regular, but I have to have a good diet too, and I cannot afford that. Yes, if you want to get a certain body, you better be ready to come out of pocket for the foods.The cafe at my school serves healthy food, but it’s nasty lol. It’s just UGH. I don’t even want to talk about it

    1. Y’all are Foxes. A dude can be as big as that black dude directing traffic in that old Geico commercial and y’all would be ok with that lol. As for that dude up at the top, I couldn’t imagine topping a nigga that big. I’d wear myself out moving him around. I might just get a hernia.

  6. too big he’s not even that attractive anymore..still handsome in the face but overall he’s doing too much smh…why and i used to love him too ;-0

    1. ^i thought it was just me.
      when you over do it with the working out,
      you start to look less like a human.
      i like a defined wolf,
      but i still need him to look like he isn’t permanently inhaling.
      walkin like popeye and shit.

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