will smith makes a apology video

i’m learning this concept in my therapy called “forgiveness“.
people hurt me and i wanted all the smoke.
what does it serve me tho?
to be bitter?
not forgiving people who hurt me did more harm tbh.
i learned how freeing forgiving someone is.
will smith,
after months of being quiet,
has addressed the slap he gave chris rock at the oscars.
this is the video…

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vivica a fox and kenya moore have a moment on cocktails with queens today

“There are people who are scared to speak to you again.
They know they treated you bad,
but you def have glo’d up and doing your thing now.
That can be intimidating to people.”The Pretty Vixen

it’s similar to when we have an ex/ex-friend we know we fucked up with.
we see them looking good after us,
living their best life,
and we want to contact but we are scared too.
it’s the same with past friends/people who did us wrong.
kenya moore and vivica a. fox had beef after “the apprentice” in 2015.
you’d think they would never speak again.
kenya went on vivica’s show,
cocktails with queens“,
and this is how it went down today…

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would you cuddle with me?

“I need someone to talk to.
I feel weird about something and I need to tell someone…” – Karaoke

i was in the middle of playing dead by daylight when i got that message.
when i get messages like that from friends/anyone,
i stop what i am doing to see what’s up.
i thought it was a health issue as karaoke recently had breast cancer.
this is what she tells me…

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guess whose bizzack from their cancellation?

the only time i cancel someone(s) is if they murder,
or commit any kind of other heinous act against another.
i may give cancellation points if you’re:

Sidebar: I’ve never met a rude celeb.
They say don’t meet your heroes but I’ve been lucky.

everyone was all set to cancel will smith over “slap gate” at the oscars.
i had my feelings about it but i wasn’t gonna cancel him.

When folks cancel half of white Hollywood for their shenanigans…
we can chat.

it wasn’t looking too good for will months after,
but it looks like all is moving forward

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anti gay minister, jesse lee peterson, is an amazing disgrace?

they say hit dogs holler.
i’m gonna say anti-gay pastors always holler when not hit.
they like getting hit but thats another story.
i’m not surprised at the colorful pasts of many hating pastors these days.
they’ll condemn being gay when they’ve racked up participation points.
a foxholer sent me a story about the alleged exposure of anti-gay minister,
jesse lee peterson

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bow wow responds about allegedly having that fire

is this the wrong time to ask

What makes someone have a bomb ass pu$$y?

is it a feeling?
how nasty you are in bed?

bow wow allegedly responded to orlando brown’s claims of his alleged bomb ass pussy…

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