Can I Get A Price Check On All These Broken Eggs?

0broken-eggs_varresa_2656804063someone get the mop.
clean up on aisle “fox”


19 thoughts on “Can I Get A Price Check On All These Broken Eggs?

  1. I was always told that I should have faith. The funny thing is people including myself have faith when shit is going good, but they don’t have any when it is going bad. Think about it. I went to church this past Sunday, and the pastor was preaching about having fake faith. If you only have faith when shit is good, then that means the faith you supposedly have isn’t real, and you need to get closer with god to develop a better relationship so you can believe in him.

    1. ^mmm!
      i felt that one.
      i needed to read that.
      makes sense because I will admit I am guilty of this.
      maybe im not where I need to be because I’m failing each test?

  2. I do love this entry, Jamari. I’ve found myself at this status quo So many times; I’m only 20. I’m not really religious, nor belong to anything. But I live realistically and for me. Do for yourself, Jamari.

    1. ^i agree dev.
      sometimes i want to shout and ask god what does he want from me?
      he leads me down a path that i think is a way out and again:


      wtf does he want from me?

  3. What are you doing to make your hopes and dreams turn into reality? When you have disappointments do you try and learn from them or just chalk them up to bad luck?

    There is no way to avoid disappointments in life. You just have to pick yourself up and continue to move forward. I do believe that better choices tend to bring better results. For example, my life started to get better when I changed some of friends and got a better outlook on life (meditation helped a lot).

    Keep plugging away at changing your life. Things will improve for you (even though it may not seem like it right now).

    1. ^thank you bb.
      i’m actually going to look into meditation.
      i expected something good to happen,
      a change for my life due to a new job,
      and it seems i may have been wrong.
      i prayed and asked god to please make it come into fruition,
      and it seems i was being jerked around or i expected more than what it was.
      i’m going to keep praying and asking god for answers.
      all i can do for this point.

  4. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

    Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

    You’re such a gay boy with that gif, besides if you’re telling me what to say..aren’t you sort of ensuring I don’t tell you what I have to say? Turning me into a Yes man? Your blog, your rules, your life.

  5. Hebrews 11:1

    Faith in Action

    Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

    well i had faith and things still went south.
    i was hoping for a positive outcome on something and…..


    maybe i didn’t have enough faith?
    i dunno…

  6. I think its like your in the hospital in need of blood and knowing that God can heal you (faith) so you don’t get a blood transfusion and you die for not using common sense…..?

    1. ^that makes sense.
      i have a question…

      how do you have faith?
      when things are going wrong or you want something to happen,
      how do you hold onto faith?
      ive always been shaky with that because the first sign of an issue,
      i renig on it…

  7. Optimism + Realism = Life. You sir don’t (SEEM”) to take too well to constructive criticism, but then again I don’t know your story.

      1. I don’t sugar coat? *In the words of Chirs Brown -Let me live” * Sorry I don’t like to mince words and dabble around the point? You’ll be fine, you have more years than I do, I should be getting words from you anyway.

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