Braylon Edwards Does A Great Mugshot

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 7.12.45 PMthis is how i like ex nfl baller wolf,
braylon edwards.
stacked in the front and the back.
well braylon couldn’t handle his likka over in scottsdale, az.
this is what happened…


Braylon Edwards took down a handful of Long Island Iced Teas before he was popped for DUI in Arizona … this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

We broke the story … the former NFL star was arrested in Scottsdale around 2:40 AM on May 4th. Cops say Edwards was initially pulled over because his headlights were off.

During the stop, cops say Braylon reeked of booze … so they asked him to perform a breath test — but he REFUSED … even after they told him a refusal would result in his driver’s license being suspended for 1 year.

Eventually, he changed his tune — and according to the police report, Braylon blew a .21 — more than twice the legal limit.

Later that night, cops say he admitted having 3 Long Island Iced Teas at Oasis nightclub earlier in the evening … but left because “I thought I was fine.”

Edwards was ultimately charged with extreme DUI. For his part, cops say Braylon was very polite and cooperative throughout the process. 

still a gentleman even after getting arrested.
well at least his mug shot looks presentable.
take away the “i didnt fart i swear!” face and its a default picture.
he is so sexy
tumblr_mm4ldty5di1qal3lwo1_400what has happened to my bray?
i know the nfl is pretty much over,
so i’m guessing he is finding work in other areas.
he can’t afford to lose these jobs doing “fuck shit” tho.
i see he is hosting track meets via his instagram:


…and of course he been working on his bawdy heavy:


even tho braylon is having fun,
and i’m sure no one in his life is telling him the truth,
you know this fox over here will.
 get it together bray!
i want to see you be great.
you are 32 now.
its time to settle down from the “frat wolf” life.

lowkey: is it wrong i admit i want to smash him so bad?
i have dreams of him picking me up and…
tumblr_mkk5lez3Eo1s3lrlmo1_400i want to add him to my trophy case.
*pictures credited braylon edwards
article taken: tmz sports

8 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards Does A Great Mugshot

  1. This kat does nada for me. Even more so doing something as stupid as drinking and driving.
    Not cool at all. I lost some classmates on prom night many years ago to a drunk driver.
    Even more ironic is that he killed all but the limo driver and himself, and he caused the accident in front of a graveyard.

  2. DAMN DAMN DAMN, not my Braylon. I was getting ready to fry chicken to sell some plates to raise his bail. This dude right here, it just dont make no sense to be this damn fine. He gives me he is probably crazy as hell but hey I would still be smiling coming home to this everyday from work. Braylon Bro you too old to be pulling these DWI shenanigans, him and those homies are seriously on some we may be in our 30’s but we still act like we live in the Sigma Frat House. He is all about always having a good time, this may be a wake up call however to slow down.

  3. Oh bae look what you done did, these acts don’t look good for that nfl hosting job I know you really want. Try to do better, next time call me to pick you up 😉

    P.S. I know a while ago he was interested in acting why didn’t they pick him to be in Choclate City? That body needs to be dancing on someone’s stage.

  4. These guys will never learn about the dangers of drinking and driving until they kill themselves or someone else smh. But aside from that, he is gorgeous even in that damn mugshot lol.

    1. They do it because they will get a slap on the wrist. Sadly, the DWI laws in this country won’t change until it affects the family of someone REALLY prominent, and who can throw around their weight (power).

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