You let them in your crib and they start trying to “rent” something.
I can’t.
I seriously can’t.
You get nice things and someone without it wants to borrow it.
Whether it is a watch, that new shirt, or even a pair of kicks.
BTW – I’m not with anyone wearing my shoes!

So check this bullllllllshit….

 I invited a friend (straight) of my mine to my spot yesterday.
I don’t just let anyone come over to my crib.
I am real low key so you if you aren’t fucking me or delivering a pizza…
chances are, you will not know where I live.

I gave an exception to Home boy Wolf because he wanted to discuss some new business ventures he had in mind.
I did not feel like going into the city to meet so I said, “why not?
As soon as he got in here, he was in shock.
He was admiring everything and I could tell he was permanently visualizing sitting his ass on my couch… all the time.
He was asking so many questions like how much is my rent and do I live alone.
All equaled = can I come over and eat all your shit while watching video games all day?


So, he goes in my closet and sees my clothes and starts to ask to borrow things.
THEN, started going through my accessories and he got a TRIPLE DOUBLE NO.
I decided he needed to get the hell out my crib before I got evil.

Well, he just texted me today asking to come through.
I tell him I am busy.
So he says:

“Yo lemme hold that Batman game for the weekend”.

I gave him some excuse I bought some downloaded shit and I’m still playing it.
I let someone borrow my Transformer’s Blu Ray and didn’t get back for like 4 months.
I’m good.

Do you let people borrow your stuff?


  1. The simple answer is ‘NO’. I don’t borrow other peoples things, and expect the same respect. If I’m asked, its a very light ‘no’. And I then I say my mantra – ‘never a borrower or lender be’.

  2. I let people borrow money. I’m very selective about who though because I work hard for my money and I want it back. I also let a few borrow some DVDs, which I never saw again. I never let anyone borrow my clothing, unless they are sleeping over and need a pair of shorts or a t-shirt to sleep in.

  3. I let people borrow things i wouldn’t mind losing. So things like clothes or games or movies. Easily replaceable things. Big ticket items are a no.

  4. it depends if they are a good close friend and i know where they live then yes. if they are a stranger than hell no. me n my friends we borrow/steel shit from eachother all the time. my home boi has my saints hat i have his chucks. and we switch back… eventualy

  5. Not anymore. Half the time you don’t get whatever you borrowed them back.
    Some moronic neighbour straight off the banana boat parked his car in my parking lot, “because he had so many”, I regret not just calling for a tow truck without asking.

  6. Depends on who it is; I’ll let something go & see how long it takes you to return it & in what state. But that’s usually only closeclose fam & friends

  7. Add the tags “we cant be friends” and ‘hide the cornbread” Aw this nigga sounds like a homie of mine, I give this nigga all my old clothes and shoes and it is never enough. This M.F. ask for my cologne, and anything I have, just called me yesterday wanting to hang out and go to the gym of course this jigga was like can you get me a pass–Hell No I cant stand a nigga who begs, he begs so much his hands looks like a cup. This dude is always trying to be big time when he goes out like he got it going on and usually wearing some of my old shit trying to be fly. One time this dirty bastard stole some of my tennis and swore I gave them to him, I usually only call his ass when Im cleaning out my closet for spring/winter cleaning. Im from the old school, I aint loaning you shit, get your own or I will just buy you a copy of something so you can have it.

  8. I don’t like letting people borrow my things. At all. I don’t like having to hunt anybody down to get my shit back and I don’t like having to keep remind you to return MY shit. I remember it got so bad one time, I had to tell a friend of mine that unless it was returned by a particular date, I no long wanted the item and instead wanted the actual monetary value of it.
    It was ridiculous.

  9. It depends on who it is and what they’re borrowing. I don’t like letting people borrow my stuff because they make a habit out of it. People need to get their own shit .

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