B Scott Gives Us A Kiss We Won’t Forget

B Scott is now trying his way at music…


We here at Jamari Fox thinks he should stick to blogging and interviewing.
He is pretty tho… 


8 thoughts on “B Scott Gives Us A Kiss We Won’t Forget

  1. Yea I got to a 1:13 n turned it off. Cons that makeup and the David Bowie voice can go. Pros the cinematography the hair and that great white wolf

  2. Yep, exactly what vain said! Him being his authentic true self was very refreshing and inspiration to all ppl. But he is really feeling himself and got lost! Still beautiful as always tho.

  3. Shes pretty in person!! I used to like her personality. I used to watch her youtube channel when she first started out. But now shes gotten all into herself and it’s turned me off to her. Horrible song. Her Indian Remy it laid though.

  4. Now see – this? I would run – not walk – the other way from. Not attractive, but it works for him.

    He couldn’t find a better looking dude, though? I’m not even saying he has to be Black, just fine…RuPaul is shaking in her pumps…not

    1. B Scott is annoying to me.
      I was never much of a fan of his.
      His demographic is women from what I see.
      Of course, they are eating that video up.
      I just hear a terrible song with a cheap video.
      … and when he did that Mariah Carey video, I was in tears.

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