anal cancer is the new demon in these streets?

when last have you been tested?
i’m not taking hiv this time,
but i’m talking about having a full physical done.
i’m due for my physical.
often times,
we forget that there are other diseases out here than just hiv.
prep has helped many enjoy raw sex,
but it seems there is a rise in anal cancer these days.
the following report shocked tf outta me via “cnn health“…

Anal cancer cases and deaths are rising dramatically in the United States, especially among older people and young black men, a new study says.

Researchers examined trends in anal cancer cases over about 15 years, and identified about 69,000 cases of anal cancer and more than 12,000 deaths during this time.

Our findings of the dramatic rise in incidence among black millennials and white women, rising rates of distant-stage disease, and increases in anal cancer mortality rates are very concerning,” the study’s lead author, Ashish A. Deshmukh, an assistant professor at UTHealth School of Public Health, said in a statement. “Given the historical perception that anal cancer is rare, it is often neglected.

they went on to font about how it’s linked to hpv:

Anal cancer occurs where the digestive tract ends. It is different from colon or rectal cancer and most similar to cervical cancer.

The most common subtype of anal cancer is squamous cell carcinoma, caused by human papillomavirus, known as HPV.

Over 90% of cases of anal cancers are associated with HPV, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since the 1950s, there have been substantial changes in risk factors for anal cancer, including shifts in sexual behaviors and an increased number of sexual partners, according to the study, both of which increase the likelihood of contracting HPV.

The emergence of the HIV epidemic, especially among men who have sex with men, may have also influenced anal cancer trends because HIV is a risk factor.

Anal cancer rates are also rising among young black men.

HIV also disproportionately affects young black men, the study authors said, and having HIV is a risk factor for anal cancer.

The study also found the number of advanced-stage cases is rising. This could partly be because treatment for HIV has improved, Shaffer said, which means patients are living longer with compromised immune systems, and cancer may have progressed further by the time it’s diagnosed.

the crazy part is hpv isn’t easily detected.
there are no symptoms so you can be living your best life with it.
it isn’t until you give it to someone else that you get the memo.
( x read more about it here )

that leads me to a question for the foxhole,
and i hope it doesn’t sound ignorant,

Can you contract HPV from eating the cake?

eating someone’s ass is almost a requirement these days,
but i’ve always wondered

Do folks know how to really clean themselves before they do that?

you can’t just go to town on anyone’s ass now.
some males (and vixens),
as fine as the look,
don’t wipe themselves clean after a good shit.
you’ll be shocked at folks with skid marks in their draws.
not to mention raw anal with some of these dirty assholes.
just some things to think about.
go out and have fun,
but be careful out there.

article cc: cnn health

24 thoughts on “anal cancer is the new demon in these streets?

  1. In any case, if y’all have any friends or whatever who live that lifestyle. Try to at least tell them to use condoms. I feel like another reason why my old friend got into that situation was because his self esteem was low. That’s not the case for everyone but still be safe.

    I saw that ex Pornstar Snow Bunni for FlavaWorks died in 2017. Last I remember of him was his video where he found out he had Full Blow AIDS… His video is still on YouTube and you can see him just so weak in spirit. I didn’t even know he passed.

    I’ve also know that people have a lot of fetishes that can be quite disgusting. The one Bad Boys Club is talking about is called scat. There are people that like that stuff and do all kinds of things with it..So I dont need to go into detail about it….but they are out there..white, black, male and female.

    Also, I had just thought about this. There are some men who have a fetish for HIV or STI infection. They are called bug chasers. These are men who go to organized parties so they can actually catch the virus or get a different strain. HIV/STI parties.

    What’s the full stats on PreP? I hear some men cannot take it and there are some side effects that can affect the kidneys and you have to take it consistently for it to work…

  2. Most people have hpv. This past summer at pride I met a gay nurse who told me to get an anal pap smear. I did, which led to an anal biopsy (horror story) and results of high risk for cancer. Get checked out and see it your insurance will cover gardisil (spelling).

    1. Don’t speak that negativity over my body. The only thing I have is HERMES, aka the Nike Symbol that I wear rarely.

  3. This article and some of you guys’ stories are disturbing. One thing I’ll never do to a random is eat ass! That’s disgusting! Another issue are ‘bottoms’ who let guys have sex with you with no condom. I know HIV/AIDS go both ways, but ‘bottoms are more susceptible to contract it among other std’s.

  4. There is a vaccine for the most common types of HPV. You can get tested to see if you have it, but the best option, which conservatives disapprove of, is vaccinating kids before they become sexually active. Once you have it, you have it. All the things you say about a weakened immune system play a role in contracting other diseases. HPV is a main cause of oral, cervical and anal cancers.

    In terms of rimming and HPV, I looked it up, and you can contract HPV from rimming. One sign of HPV infection is anal warts, which are not always present if you have HPV, and do go away. But one consequence of all the raw sex people are having–and I’m not judging, just stating things–on PrEP, which is beneficial in many ways, is that they aren’t protecting themselves from other STIs, including HPV, and may not even pay attention to something like anal or genital warts, since they’re primarily focused on HIV.

  5. I know a lot of people want to blame the bottoms but its some nasty tops out here too. Some of these uncut tops haven’t been taught to pull the skin back and wash it. All that bacteria from urine and dirt just unrolled inside your hole now you trying to figure out why you are sick.

    1. I think Safety goes both ways! Both parties should be looking out for their bodies…you can’t expect anyone to take of you!

  6. Before anybody jump on me about what Im about to say but if you are having sex, regardless if its been with the same person, you have HPV already. If I’m not mistaken, its like 80% of sexually active people have it. You can google it or pay attention to any sexual medicine commercial. You have to research it because HPV can clear itself up. You can get HPV just by grinding naked without even having sex but again its not too scare you, just aware you. HPV leads to anal cancer or certain types of cancer. You can be a virgin and get it. Just be aware of who you sleep with. Even if he is a top, his booty crusty, that means he doesn’t wash his ass right. If he pull his pants down and his dick stinks like it ain’t been washed in a while, pull yours up and walk right out the door or send him out of yours even if you have to Uber or Lyft.

    1. I’m bout to jump on YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡🤬😡🤬🤬

      Just kidding…lol. You right about HPV in general and being careful who you mess with. Everyone needs to clean they ass regardless of position. We all know that most dudes…. especially straight, don’t clean they butts properly and then have the nerve to say the need a freak that gonna lick they buns…

      However, I’ve read observed some people are into that stuff…the smells. They have a fetish for that type of funk.

      Technically a lot of people have a form of Herpes too apparently or whatever.

      But now the most common types of simple STIs are becoming stronger.

      A lot of dudes are like I’m on PreP and then other STIs are just as dangerous. Had one kid that had something and waited till it was in stage 2 when he started to get patches in his head before he decided to get treated.

        1. Idk why I laughed at that. I legit giggled but he had caught an STI and when he got the first symptoms he didn’t say anything & went on about his business ignoring the warning signs..When it hit stage 2 a few weeks later..he started getting those patches in his head and eventually decided to come get treated… Patches = “Bald spots” 😂

          1. Those patches come from a Syphilis exposure. I know this former attractive dude who worked as a bartender back in the early 2000’s now turned cosmetologist, not only did he have clumps of hair falling out but also pus/blood filled nodules on his back that would burst and stain his t-shirts. I demanded he go to a STI clinic. Soon after he was running to Houston to infect the population there. I saw him not too long about and you can see the craters in his face that the syphilis caused along with that stringy hair. Poor thing was yelling “hot boy summer on IG.” Be safe out thare.

          2. I had a dude ask me to shit on him. To this day we still don’t talk. I know people are freaks but some of them are too much and just plain nasty. I know to them its not nasty but when you involve me, that’s nasty. He was a fine as yellow bone, 6’3 11 inch bottom. Oh well.

  7. Yes and these white boys and some blacks think getting fist is cute not at all your ass not to be open that wide sex can be good with no or little penatraion intimacy is lacking a lot

    1. One of my old friends used to mess a white guy who I told him to stop messing with because the guy was into all those random encounters. The guy got him into fisting and stuff like that and my friend ended up getting into all that “stuff” and sadly things didn’t go well from him.

      He waited to tell me last of all people what had happened because he didn’t know how I would react because I was always on him about protection…but I brushed it off and didn’t say anything even though I was a little hurt he never listened to me and didn’t give af. We kinda drifted apart once he started messing with another guy and he just stopped talking to me.

      I see him occasionally on Instagram every blue moon..he looks… different now.

  8. HPV has been associated with mouth and throat cancers. I’m not sure if you can catch it from eating ass but I wouldn’t doubt that it’s possible

    1. ^very scary,
      but shit and pee is still toxic waste from our bodies.
      it’s not meant to be anywhere near our mouths so i can imagine coming getting something from a dirty ass.

  9. I remember bringing this up in an old post if we’re of your lurkers attacked me because I mentioned using dental dams for rimming. Not only that but you can also get intestinal parasites from eating random asses.

    I just recently got on someone’s case about attacking another person who suggested wearing condoms during sex.

    The other person was like…I can’t stand people who act holier than thou because they don’t wanna have raw sex.”

    I’m looking like….when did it become holier than thou to monitor who you let in and out of your body and advocate for safer sex, especially black men? When you do post about it, you either get attacked for acting like you are better or you are HIV/STI shaming.

    I’ve also heard (though I don’t know if it’s true) you can get a rare form of throat cancer from oral sex.

    I think I remember seeing that sex between monogamous couples is usually fine because they eventually share the same gut bacteria overtime…

    But the thought of dudes and females that let randoms nut in them is gross. Over the years as I’ve learned about different types of sex, there are some people that are into the sloppy seconds stuff and it’s all just gross.

    If you do decide raw do it with a LTR boyfriend or close friend. These ransoms ain’t worth money and prescriptions in the doctor office.

    This is always one of those topics that bothers me and I’m pretty vocal about it since I’ve seen someone literally deteriorate from an infection until their death. It was like slowly watching a flower lose its petals, and wither away and die.

    I also knew of one trans who I wasn’t too familiar with but knew of her from casual convo off and on. Years later I asked about her and how she was doing and they were like she’s gone and I was like where did she move to now? Complete silence…then someone said she became a streetwalker over the years and the “sickness” finally took her out.

    I was like..Aww…

    (Lol..these long paragraphs…You can tell when certain topics get me rowled up.. hahaha)

    1. ^damn this is real af.
      it’s also very sad and very real.

      i feel like some want to ignore the dangers of sex because it makes sex not what they would like it to be.
      get a nut and keep it moving.
      it’s different when you can’t fuck anymore because you have been infected.

      we gotta look at both sides of sex these days.

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