“We Don’t Submit to Terror…”

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.12.36 PMthis show…
when i say this season 4 of “house of cards” gave me my entire life?
i can’t even…
i need a minute to process what i just watched.
i’m “woke”.

lowkey: you don’t fuck with the underwoods.

11 thoughts on ““We Don’t Submit to Terror…”

  1. Claire is my spirit animal. I spit out my milk when she asked the opponent’s wife if she regretted having her children. This season taught me to have a well thought out plan and to always play chess instead of checkers.

  2. Didn’t do anything this entire weekend but watch House of Cards. Why does everything has to be so racial.. Remy was just as ruthless too; dont’ forget “FU” was his boss for many years. I want to see Remy fuck the shit out of Claire with he fine ass with Francis watching… lol..

    1. @Ziah I wanted to see Mechum get on his knees and give Francis some brain lol. There was something about Mechum that was kinda lowkey sexy every since that threesome kiss in the kitchen a few seasons back.

      1. it was that loyalty to FU that made him sexy. I have been humming the theme song in my head all day.

  3. I’m almost through the first season and white people are so savage. They’ll fuck your entire life up with a smile on your face lol.

    This show has exemplified every one of the 48 Laws of Power lol

    1. ^we as blacks could learn a thing or two.
      i been peeping how the whites play the game.
      they will smile in your face while texting your boss.
      this one passive aggressive snow angel thought she was trying to get over on me at work.
      she is still fuming how i played her ass.

      1. That’s why you can’t really trust them. They used to be outwardly hateful and violent but they’ve evolved to be passive aggressive and scheming.

        I’ve met sooo many white women like Claire lol

        1. ^to fight the monster you must become the monster.
          they only respond to their own tactics.
          they will be quick to label you the “angry black nigger” in a heartbeat.
          i don’t hate all of them.
          many have helped me where I am now,
          but like you said,
          you can’t trust a majority of them.
          hell we can’t even trust our own.
          “we” get up in corporate america,
          get a little power,
          and start showing ass.
          sometimes “we” can be our biggest enemies since “we” like to act like only one can sit at the table.

  4. Yaas 😀
    I just finished my binge today. The last episode was bitter sweet because I wanted MOAR!
    It’s like political porn without the herpes.

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