WOLF MEAT: (357)

what does this remind you of?

hmm okay.
wow that is interesting.
aight now how about this?…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (357)”

  1. He looks young. Let me see his birth certificate? Must be born before January 8, 1996. I’d squeeze that ass like Charmin.

    A white boi with dimples? Haven’t seen many of those. Love a fellow dimple face lol.

  2. We can take turns on him.Let out some aggression and oppression on that ass.


    No, I’d straight up do any and everything to his ass besides fist it.

    It’s weird, I never noticed how asses are perfect as pillows.I’d lay on his ass while wearing sun glasses and sipping lemonade.I’d be okay if they farted on me… only once though.

  3. I’ve seen this picture all of tumblr, well versions of it. Someone photo-shopped a few of them.

    I never understood why you would photo-shop a picture of someone who already has ass.

    Sound counterproductive.

    That said, I would slide in that booty until my dick fell off.

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