wearing me down


day “something”

i don’t even know what day this is.
i’ll have to look it up.
it feels like its just one long ass day tbh.

Monday is Tuesday.
Tuesday is Friday.
Friday is Monday.

it all just blends.
ya know,
being an intro/extro

being in my crib doesn’t bother me so much.
the constant bombarding of news about the rona is wearing me down.
it is all very low vibrational.
being that i am in social media,
and a creative with an outlet,
i have to hear all the bs going on with the pandemic.
friends sending me articles.
i’m no better sending articles as well.

I need to find a way to block it all out to keep my sanity.

8 thoughts on “wearing me down

  1. I was in the same boat until Tuesday morning. Went to take my mom’s shih tzu out to go to the bathroom in the backyard and we got attacked by a pitbull. That small dog is lucky to be alive but that was the fight of the century and I beat the crap out of that Pitbull’s head. Police are now after my neighbor but can’t do much cause of the virus. After seeing that little dog go thru surgery and still wagging her tail made me kinda look at that glass as being kinda half full since then. I may be laid off but my spirit ain’t broken.

  2. the head of Texas unemployment held a live stream on Wednesday, it was trash. I’m setting my alarm clock so I don’t miss it. I go on Facebook and see people talking about it. Bitch literally missed a day. What happened? Where did it go? What did I do?

    Oh well let me get on this exercise bike. If I’m gonna be homeless I might as well be one of the attractive homeless.

  3. Pretty much the whole country is being #HOMEschooled on how to find something to do and its boring as fuck. Its a way for us to see how we let so many things get us to this point but also teach us to prepare for “what if” this was purposeful as a teaching lesson. The whole world has the exact same virus thats killing people; no time for wars. Can’t blame, well it did come from China but still. We are at the point where “I didn’t have time” is now our, “well you got time now” to do whatever it is.

  4. Porn, binge watching, quarantine and chill challenges like watching something on Netflix or anywhere that you regularly wouldn’t have time to watch.

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