I Want To Look Like Kim Kardashian So I Can Get Good Black Dack

Kim-Kardashian-Bra-Sizeif i looked like kim kardashian,
pre cat face,
i would probably be riding some dack right now.
probably serfboartin’ a sexy attentionisto/hood star.
i’d have no kids,
my bills would be paid,
and i’d have 100k followers on my social media accounts.
i would have a legit job and be a “model” of some sort on the side.
i’d have 2,000 unanswered texts.
all wolves fiending for a taste of my sweet tight waterfall pussy.

aaahhh life would be sweet!
well apparently that was the thought of jordan james parke.
he dropped 150k just to look like kim.
this is the results…

well hmmmmmm….

giphyya know…
i can totally see it.

pictures taken: instagram

*pictures credited to owners/kim kardashian

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “I Want To Look Like Kim Kardashian So I Can Get Good Black Dack”

  1. I mean love her or hate her but Kim is fine af, but this Tom Foolery I will not be dealing with on this fine Wednesday evening. This man is out here looking like Mrs. Pacman…God bless the child.

    1. Lmao I love Jamari & the foxhole..Ya’ll the real MVP’s I’m useally a silent lurker but this made my day.. *Miss Sophia* ” I was feeling mighty bad, I was feelin mighty low, And when I seen these (comments) I knows there is’ah God! I’s knows there I’s a god!” Lmao

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