The Gotcha Gotcha.

Why is it when we meet a dude we can actually kick it with,
he go and pull some vanishing act like he is Houdini?
Can they warn us before they pull these cloak and rabbit tricks?


This is why I make sure I do not give all of “me”
when meeting any dude.
You go and do that and then he up and leaves,
I’m not left wondering: “Which way did he go? Which way did he go?”

Been there; done that.
Kinda going through it now.
Glad I didn’t spread the cheeks and got got.
He was kinda fine though….
No Devin Thomas but he had a nice little body.

You been through it too.
Don’t give me that look.
Meeting a dude and you get got.

I call it “The Gotcha Gotcha“.
Thanks Boom Kat.

The Gotcha Gotcha

short Fox definition: meeting a dude and after a few encounters,
maybe sexual or not, he just stops calling.

you meet a dude offline and never even hear his voice.
We just see good (or maybe bad) texting that is his representation
to who he is.
Or you meet a dude offline,
and he is calling/texting you all the time.
You think you are the only one in his 50/50 vision at the moment.

But what happens when you meet a dude you can actually kick it with
and he stops calling out of the blue?
You start to wonder…

“Is it me?”
“What did I do wrong?”
“Did I fuck him too fast?”
“Should I have fucked him fast enough?”

You blame yourself because this asshole couldn’t see a good thing.
Or maybe you are like me and just wanted to penis and he went and fucked that all up.
You carry on this baggage because you feel you did something wrong.
You start to look at all your negatives and your flaws
and then you come up with the conclusion that is YOU.

You… are ugly.
You… are masculine enough.
You… are not DL enough.
You… are something that your insecurities tell you.

But did you ever stop to think that maybe it is him?

we do play a part in if things go sour
but alot of the times,
it is him.

He may not have been attracted to you.
He may not have thought you were his type.
He may have wanted some ass and you weren’t trying to give it up fast enough (RED FLAG).
He may have got the ass and felt he didn’t want to lead you on any further.
He may have just not been into you.

He may have been insecure and felt you weren’t good enough for him?

it is possible.
Do not always assume the worst.

Be glad he pulled that Gotcha Gotcha now
and not when you invested REAL time with him.
That is when you would have been really kicking yourself in the ass.
Plus, on his part…


So be glad you aren’t entertaining the likes of pussy.

So when you meet a dude and he suddenly stops calling.
Or, you fuck him and he stops texting.
Never jump to conclusions but pay attention to how the situation went down.
Dudes show RED FLAGS in every thing they do/say.
Pay attention.

Never assume it is “YOU”.
You might have been saved from some bs in the near future.

maybe even if it was YOU.
You can learn and knock it out for the next situation.

That’s life.
Feel me?

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  1. You know, I’ll be damned if I’m not going through this same thing right now. I believe mine may be because homie feels I’m too young. Even though I’m quite mature for my age, no lie.

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