want some baller meat this super bowl weekend? (let’s talk how to get some)

all the baller,

and singing wolves are down in atl for the super bowl this year.
the same one many claim they were protesting.
which means for those living down there,
or in the city for the weekend,
they’re probably in for a treat and some meat (if you’re lucky).
in a city like atlanta,
where hooking up with the good gays is top tier,
you might just end up being on top (or the bottom) of a good situation.
here are a few tips for scoring a winning touchdown…

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tips the foxholers should know to save their lives

well this goes beyond safe sex.
one of my favorite things to do is read “reddit”.
i’ll be laid up in bed,
winding down,
and get lost in a good reddit thread.
i saw this topic earlier today:

…and wanted to share it with the foxhole…

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The Foxholers Give Me A Few Tips!

this is just a quick entry before we start…

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That One Time At The Sex Party (1)

tumblr_n0p2oylRfn1t7lixko1_500blind item from the foxwire
re-written by i,
that is me,
jamari fox

lets take a trip with him last week to atlanta.
we are gong with the reader who sent in the tip.
come on.
don’t be scared.
we are going somewhere fun.
it’s naughty.
so we walk up the door.
we are told that we have to leave everything we came with.
only our privates and memories will be allowed inside.
once we walk in,
we smell the aroma of fresh sweat funk.
the sounds of moaning and satisfaction.
we are at a sex party.
again don’t be scared.
so as the reader is walking around,
who does he see…
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Jamari Fox’s Guide To “So You Wanna Be A Blogger Eh…”

blog2-1i get a lot of emails asking about blogging,
how to be a blogger,
tips on being a blogger,
etc etc etc.
i’m not an expert,
as i’m still kinda new,
but i have been around the blogging block a few times.
i could see a butterfly fly past and get inspiration to write.
i’m always surprised by who is reading my stuff.
it is such a rewarding experience.
soooooooo here are some simple tips i live by…

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Jamari’s Single Bottom Work Out Plan!

So you are single….

Guess what? Me too! Isn’t it fun?

Well, not really, especially on those lonely rainy nights when you want to be cuddled up with someone (preferably built like a quarter back for the Redskins). That is when being single can be a real drag. But, being single should not be that much of a downer.

It can actually be fun.

No. I am not drunk, high, or in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

Nope. I am in the middle of my single Jamari’s journey and working on the man you have come to love named:¬†Jamari Fox. So that when Daddy comes, I am a fucking super hero to his ass.

I Cook. I Clean. AND I having a nice tite ass. Up, Up, and Away!

Ok corny…lol

I have put together a list of things we can all work on.

I’ll share some tips with my fellow bottoms so that we can get em AND keep em.

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