one thing about short foxes,
they usually come with treats….

wolves an hybrids,
you may need a bib for this…

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Something About The Short Wolves Equal “Put In Work”…

as much as i love a taller wolf,
nothing wrong with my short wolves.

first of all, there is the that napoleon complex.
i met a short wolf that damn near tried to turn me out.
for a little man, he had a big mouth so i would have let him.

then, there is the body.
they always tend to fill out better.
is it me or do most shorter wolves come standard with a fat ass.

sadly, sometimes smaller pipes.
i see where the napoleon complex comes in at.

check the following foxxx

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Foxes: Would You Get Boy-inked by Boykin?

first name: brandon?
i would.
brandon caught my eye on hw and i been doing some light investigation.

rookie cornerback for the philly eagles.
fourth round draft pick for 2012.
salary is typical rookie.

birthday was 2 weeks ago.
hails form georgia.
sexy as shit.

sounds good enough for me to get boy-inked.
check some more baller wolf cum shots below…

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Tank Shows Off His Dick

Oh yes…

I been WAITING for this…

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Sex Swing


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The Answer

We all have crushes from way back in the day.

Funny enough, all my “Back In The Day” crushes were with mostly ballers.

I had good taste even as a cub.

Take a look at one of my first “Daddy Dicks”….

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