nathanielnoir has a ratchet twin, i reckon

tumblr_nd4a7xRAZO1rd45ugo6_r1_500….and his name is “question mark”.
one thing i love about nathanielnoir is his class.
his pictures always exude a certain kind of quality to them.
well you always need a ratchet twin to fuck all that up right?
well check out “question mark” and you be the judge
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Seriously? I Mean, Like, Seriously?

wtfone of my readers just sent me the following bit of ratch tonight.
i was at a loss for words when i saw it...
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You Forgot To Put “Ratchet” On Your Resume

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.15.13 PMi’m tired as hell tonight,
but i couldn’t go to bed without a cautionary “tail”.
gather round…
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I’m Madly in Care With You


i guess “madly in care with you” is how ratchets show emotion.
so tonight was the premiere episode of lhhatl and i got prepared for it…
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Mimi and Nikko: The Winners of Ratchet?

tumblr_n4elfgvVyi1qhf9blo1_400so the sextape everyone has been waiting for has been released.
you can finally masturbate to #LHHPORN.
shit people who don’t even watch the show talkin about their sex tape.
even old people.
i’m sure everyone and their mama is trying to be the first to upload it to their sites.
well not so fast!
vivid is not playing with this one according to tmz
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The Real Ratchet Reality

tumblr_inline_n4eeb4msoL1r0znzq-1so everyone was talking about kenya vs porsha today.
i mean everrryyyyyoooonnnneeeee.
if andy wanted ratings,
well gosh darnit,
he got em.
surprisingly it was mostly the talk amongst the snow bunnies today.
they were so shocked and mystified.
its like they got to take a trip to the hood without ever leaving the house.
one intern asked me jokingly if this is how “black women” act when they’re mad?

“um no.
well not all.”

like chick,
this is a tv show,
but how could i really answer it?
she was curious because of what she sees on tv.
some sistas will fight like dogs in the street over some stale hood pipe.
hell people in general would actually kill you for less nowadays.
its like people doing random off the wall shit so they can get their 15 minutes.
it all made me wonder…

Is this is the new reality?

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