so i watched “snowfall” and “power” back to back (well…)

“She on that rock.” – Franklin, Snowfall

i don’t know why i cried so hard watching that last episode of “snowfall“.
i’m a wimp so please bare with me.
played by reign edwards,
getting hooked on crack tho…

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we’re losing power

i’m so attracted to “ghost” on “power“.
when he gets mad,
i get horny.

omari hardwick plays tf outta that character.
omari has the best sex scenes in the business.
i’m not sad about the following news tho.
 we’ll enjoy “power” for one more season via deadline“…
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The Power To Fuck You Up

it’s not the “caring” about something,
but it’s giving power to it that fucks us up.
we do it with:

suicidal thoughts

it doesn’t matter what it is.
so yesterday
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Rotimi, Or “Dre” from “Power”, Gets Some Alleged Pipe Leakage

/the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

rotimi has an interesting face.
i said when i first saw him in “power”.
i said it again when i watched “burning sands” last weekend.

well he got some alleged pipe leakage today.
a vix-bi alerted me to all the action this morning.
this is what he has to allegedly show the foxhole for review
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50 Cent Gets Some Unexpected Pipe Leakage

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.53.37 PMi haven’t watched “power” since it premiered.
i know.
i know.
i wanted to do a nice weekend binge like i did last season.
well as you know,
they go pretty hard in their sex scenes.
no pun intended.
well 50 cent was the latest to do one,
but his came with some unexpected pipe leakage


here we go…
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“You Have Nice Bunz, Mah Dude”; “Thank You! Cocoa Butter!”

1372333642436324754i don’t know about you,
but “power” is the only show i am looking forward to returning.
the story line.
the acting.
the sex.
i need a rag just thinking about it.
well the “power” cast visited power 105.1 to discuss the new season.
compliments went flying,
but in an interesting twist,
charlamange complimented omari hardwick on his hard working ass-ets.
take a look…
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