King James Goes Down and Takes A Ride

imagine sitting on the new yawk train,
minding your business,
and a bunch of tall black baller wolves stroll on?
this isn’t your fantasies of a gang bang.
it’s what happened today with the cleveland cavs.
king james and his teammates decided to take the mta.
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When Gentrification Goes Wrong and Gets Racist On The MTA

we don’t play out here in new yawk.
being belligerent and racist will get the paws on you real quick.
this snow jackal on the L train was both of those things.
he learned real quick via baller alert
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Air Drop Your Nudes In My Box

so i knew about the following story a foxholer sent me.
it happened to a home vixen of mine a year or two ago.
she got a random picture sent to her iphone.
someone on the train sent it to her by mistake.
it was an innocent picture,
but it was from a stranger.
that is how i learned about air drop.
it’s a way to send a file/pictures to another iphone wirelessly.
well it looks like it finally caught on.
  nudes are now being air dropped to strangers on the mta now.
this is what the daily mail had to say…
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (75)

these are the moments where i wish i owned a car in new yawk.
so this is the story foxhole.
drunk snow hyena decides he wants to pee.
just guess where he decides to take a piss
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“F” Is For “Fucked” On The F Train

the other morning,
well the morning i first started the temp job,
i was early af and the mta decided to play me.

“There is train traffic ahead of us”

it had us stuck in a tunnel for about 15 minutes.
by that point,
my anxiety started to get the best of me.
it wasn’t the type of train we could walk between cars.
it felt like i was in a packed steel box.
i had to turn on the “brilliant idiots” podcast to keep me focused.
thank God for charlamagne and andrew.
so i’m surprised no one sued yet with this following story.
the “f” train in new yawk stalls in a tunnel,
the lights shut off,
the a/c goes out,
and panic ensues.
sounds like a horror movie.
well this is the story via the ny times
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They Like To Perform For Us

tumblr_mddysg2SdU1qjzsg7o1_500so summer is almost here and for us new yawkers,
you know what that means on the mta?
well yes,
homeless animals stinkin’ up the joint.
avoid empty train cars with 1 animal on it please!

seriously its the cubs performing in between stops.
sometimes it can be annoying,
but other times it can be real entertaining.
like so…
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