what cheek do you need to kiss for success nowadays?

when ex baller wolf,
joe anderson,
speaks i tend to listen.
when he looks like this:

…it’s kinda hard not to.
he has a ton of inspirational videos on his ig,
but he made a recent one that made me think.
it was about those in higher positions not helping.
this is what he posted on his ig:

don’t get me wrong,
we have folks who will put you on because they see your talent.
they don’t require anything than your hunger.
others tho…
they want you to flat out worship them for a “maybe” shot.
that’s like having sex with someone in hopes they put you on.
at my past jobs,
i’ve noticed a pattern with those in charge.
some it was greed that drove them to ruin.
others were unprofessional and shouldn’t have been managers.
they all suffered from the same disease:

“make sure you cater to your boss’s low self esteem.
if you don’t,
you’ll be out the door.”

it wasn’t being a terrible worker that had you jobless,
but not understanding the way around their butt cheeks.
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That Time Jayceon Taylor Kissed His Daughter

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.52.44 PMoh jayceon taylor…
  i was actually very shocked you showed empathy to #orlando.
so jayceon taylor,
aka the game,
is getting sided eyed for this ig picture with his cub and him…
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Things I Do With My Hood Wolf

heart emojisometimes a hood wolf is a good fox’s dream.
sure he can be a little rough around the edges.
he might smoke a lot of weed,
will fight on command,
and lord knows he probably doesn’t know how to eat with a knife and fork.
if you get a good one tho,
one who is loyal to you,
he can be everything you are lookin’ for.
well i saw this video and thought how cute this was…
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Madonna Just Needed To Feed, Tis All.

wrgo05it keeps her young!
do i even need to get into this?
this “madonna and drake/succubus” situation…

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Zero Is My “Hero” On #HitTheFloor

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.03.49 PMi knew i lusted after zero for a reason.
i knew it.
i just knew it.
so spoiler city ahead for those who didn’t watch…
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The Snow Fox Who Got The New Baller Wolf

MICHAELSAMKISSthat snow fox just got him some new twitter followers and dinner at tgif fridays.
i’m not mad.
not mad at all.
so that was michael sam after the announcement was made.
white america is comfortable?
if it was ME and my baller wolf thoooooooooo…
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