How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?

“instead of spreading my legs,
i spread my emotional walls.
i hate that i did that.

i know that i want to be liked…
to be loved…
to be fucked…
but i gotta make these wolves earn that part of me.
maybe even everyone?”

the “shift”.
it’s the feeling you get when the vibe changes.
calls stop.
texts become less and less.
you wonder…

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f0xmail: My Great Love Is A Bisexual DL Wolf and He Left Me! Help!


Hey Jamari,

I’m a dl bisexual guy, although I’ve mostly been focusing on guys lately because I fell in love with one. He’s your typical alpha type and he’s in the military. Total womanizer and extremely good looking. We grew up hating each otheralways fighting and arguing. Then as we moved into adulthood (around 18 years old), we became frienemies, then eventually just friends. Eventually, something happened and we fell in love. He would call every morning like clockwork as soon as he opened his eyes, then he would call every night right before bed, not to mention an afternoon call. We never made love (although he came to my house one time and made it clear that he wanted us to fuck. I just wasn’t ready for that step with a man). He told me that he’s in love with me after I finally admitted my feelings.

I was very difficult. Poor guy was like the man in a man/woman relationship with me. I guess it’s because we grew up arguing so I never really grew out of it. Anyway, we grew apart and he stopped talking to me. Then he started talking to me again and then I stopped talking to him. It’s a cycle. Then he started rewriting out history and acting like we were never in love. I thought I was crazy until i called him out one day and asked him if he was in love with me. He told me the following:

“If you know a fish is going to swim down a river, would you still ask if the fish is going to swim down the river?” But then he told me I can’t have it my way and that he’s not able to give me what I want. After that he completely erased our history from his mind and he went back to dating women and being in relationships with them. I guess I kind of know why he pushed me away…plus his family is church-going and homophobic (plus the military thing). I just want to know your thoughts.

I’m only asking because this has been going on for 10 years and I am so heartbroken. The ordeal changed me for the worse. I’m not the same person I was and now I sleep around with my just trying to fill a void. I think he’s my one great love.


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Justin Bieber Has Left The Building

someone call the cops!
the f-bi!
the national guard!
justin bieber deleted his instagram.
when you go to it
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Fine, Bye (Mi)!

flat,800x800,075,fso mi and i had a blow up today.
it ended with us officially parting ways.
i actually exhaled because i was so grateful.
grateful because this is finally coming to an end.
you know what i been dealing with as far as she is concerned.
so she calls me today with some story
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I’m A Hoarder For Your Love (Maybe Penis)

inside_a_hoarders_640_07i am a hoarder.
that’s right.
i like to hoard things for the memories they provide.
that movie ticket with that wolf that gave me a good time.
the umbrella from my daiquiri to remember the fun times with friends.
that used condom from when a wolf blew my back out.
i’m totally kiddin on that last part.
i like to hoard these things to hold on to the “past”.
one thing i use to hoard was people.
holding on to what they use to bring,
rather than seeing that they don’t bring that same joy anymore.
i know you felt that one.
some of them just vanished.
others we had falling out.
then the ones who you see in public and they try to avoid you.
i still kept their numbers just in case.
just in case what tho?
so i had to ask…

Do you hoard people in your life?

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God Said, “Your Time To Be Fucked Is Now”.

it’s a funny ass thing

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