Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka Did Dat! (Halloween)

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.34.27 PMi love when couples dress together for halloween.
coordinating heavy.
well keri hilson and serge ibaka did just for this year.
she went as queen nefertiti and he was prince akhenatan
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I Want It Bad and That Ain’t Good

tumblr_mtw14bELLp1riq4ozo1_500girls are lucky.
so its one of those nights.
i lit some white candles,
poured a glass of moscato,
and decided to cook me a lasagna.
i was hungry.
as i was cooking,
i played a mix of late night jazz on spotify.
i have all my windows are open.
a nice cool breeze is going through my apartment.
it set an atmosphere yall.
new yawk has a way of doing that.
i wrote that last entry and decided to sit by the window.
as I looked out,
many people were walking by.
my eyes landed on a couple playing around with each other….
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Everything Seems So Perfect In The Snow

marke-miller-headlineokay so cuteness overload.
god did i just say that?
*slaps self in face*
ugh okay better.
so an f-bi sent me a few videos with this snow wolf.
his name is mark miller and he has a booming youtube channel.
he is out as well.
he is also dating a cute snow fox by the name of ethan hethcote.
just look at these damn videos…
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Kerry Rhodes Has A Girlfriend Now

139125802840ad965712according to mto.
you know they tend to be sketchy.
anyway kerry is allegedly dating actress whitney cummings.
everyone congratulate the happy couple.
fake_smileremind me to take him off my “to do” list.
listen i don’t blame her.
do you see him and that body of his?
get that black pipe snow bunny!

Everyone Meet My Brand New Piece of Pussy.

it has two definitions.
it can be that thing you have on your face when you don’t shave for 2 weeks.
like, now.
baby when do you plan on getting a cut?
you look terrible.
or it could be:

the big breasted,
shiny haired,
“look like you have good pussy”,
vixen you usually saw in your dreams or a magazine spread for bras.
today foxhole,
we gonna talk about the beard,
or to some of us:

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So They Are Basically Showing Us How They Fuck Each Other?

remember him:




his name is j smoov.
i remember when he released his videos back during myspace.
everyone else then decided to release their inner stripper freakiness.
i hear j smoov got a couple kids with personal late night un-recorded sessions.
well a new couple has decided to start the craze back…

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