Meat Of The Minute: Flash Brown

Doesn’t that look … suck-ulent?

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Can You Only Suck It Tonight, Baby?

All you have to do put it in your mouth….
and then…..

Fuck An Ass.

My ass.

It isn’t gigantic.
It isn’t flat.
It is just right for what I need to do when I need to do it.
Feel me?

But there is ALOT more to Jamari than a semi fat ass.
And maybe with you too, right?

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f0x Asks… (1)

Why does it seem likeĀ  tops have fatter asses than bottoms?


I Came About 6 Times Watching This.

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“You Don’t Have To Lie Craig!”

Have you spoken to him?

What about them?

Well, I have and I learned two things talking to all of them:

I have excellent ass taste in men and, they were fucking liars.

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