NP: Alabama Shakes (Sound & Color)

511Lt1IJgHLi saw alabama shakes perform “don’t wanna fight” last night.
i was very intrigued.
i love that the grammys opens me up to new music.

apple music’d that bad boy for my listening pleasure.
i’m really diggin’ this album.
its soulful and auntie is giving me the spirit with these vocals.
i’d say this is a “in the crib/evening” album,
but i could play it during my morning commute.
check it out when you have a chance.

7 thoughts on “NP: Alabama Shakes (Sound & Color)

  1. Yep Brittany Howard is so funky! Their debut cd is hot too. I thought she was Rain Pryor when I first saw her years ago

  2. Wow! That was really cool! Love her voice and jazzy vibe! Checking her out! Are we finally seeing a resurgence in talent? I hope so, because the music industry was getting boring and stale.
    Need more artists like her!

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