Kanye Gets The Room With The View At The Psych Ward

originalwell it has finally happened.
kanye has been admitted into the hospital.
it is breaking news over at tmz.
this is what they’re reporting…

Kanye West has been taken to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.

According to law enforcement sources … cops responded to a call for a welfare check on Kanye around 1:20 PM PT. He wasn’t at his home at the time. We’re told paramedics also responded and ended up transporting Kanye to the hospital by ambulance.

Sources connected to Kanye tell us he was getting checked out by one of his doctors for severe sleep deprivation when someone — possibly the physician — decided he needed to be admitted.

Law enforcement sources tell us Kanye did not want to go, and was restrained when he was transported.


jay works fast.
i’m done at them having to restrain him.
i know that must have been quite the scene.
don’t you worry tho.
i bet you the kardashians gonna have it on their show.
you know everything with them needs to be documented.
this is just what kim needs to get a divorce too.
i can see the angle:

“he is bat crazy and i don’t feel he is safe around the cubs.”



this would actually set up her perfect comeback too.
allegedly fonting,
of course.
well i hope kanye can get it together.
all that talent can’t go down the drain like this.

article taken: tmz

13 thoughts on “Kanye Gets The Room With The View At The Psych Ward

  1. Honestly, I don’t care and I’m not going to give anyone a round of applause because they do.

    Kanye is a millionaire married to a millionaire who is apart of multi-millionaire family. He lives in a mansion in Calabasas and I’m sure there’s a therapist or Psychiatrist on every block.

    People out here can’t even afford decent therapists because most are still $100+ a session WITH insurance so they settle for subpar economical services if they have access to mental health at all.

    People want to talk about how this, a black man not even married to a black woman or living in a black community, should open dialogue about mental health in the black community? Gtfoh with that celebrity worship at all costs shit. Meanwhile, you avoiding homeless people in your community and moving around on public transit to get away from “crazy people” that smell.

    So no, I can’t muster up any more sympathy for Kanye (a man that said he would’ve voted Trump and black people need to “get over” racism) than the average man.

    1. Amen Jay, this dudes narcissism is what drove him crazy because he just doesn’t understand that people dont give a “F” about his vision, his fashion line or his whoreish wife and he doesn’t understand why. He is not the first person to lose their mother, hell I lost my mother unexpectedly and no one cares, I still have to get up every morning and pay my bills, life goes on. Kanye does not give one flying fukk about nobody but his family and immediate circle and the feeling is mutual with me about him.

    2. Speak on it Jay. Not a single person who is black should feel an ounce of pity for Kanye. We are talking about a man who changed his stance on the treatment of his own people and is now standing right along with the white man, as most black men do once they make it. I’ll say this though, I bet you white folks will not view him as they would view their own people when they are believed to have some type of mental illness. At the end of the day to them he is a typical nigger who can’t act right.

  2. People blame the Kardashians for Kanye’s meltdown because it’s convenient, but let’s not pretend like Kanye hasn’t been showing signs of mental illness YEARS before he got involved with Kim. His mother’s death, especially with this month being it’s anniversary, has a lot to do with his breakdown I’m sure. And it’s a smidge disheartening to see his plythe being made fun of in a forum that actively promotes mental wellness. We don’t know and probably won’t know the full story, however, what we do know is that he is getting help and I pray that he is healed of his demons.

    1. Yes, I’d rather see a real discussion on mental health in the black community instead of jokes and witchcraft smh

    2. Thank you. Too many ppl just take any chance they get to slight the Kardashians and tease Kanye when in reality had they paid attention to him they would have truly noticed something. And let’s not act like everything that comes out of his mouth is pure silliness. He has some good points and sme of his “meltdowns” are literally him just venting about things that he is fed up with. I pray he gets the help he needs and some kind of stress management.

  3. It is really eerie that if I am not mistaken, some on the foxhole predicted this very thing about him after he married Kim. Wow, I have no words especially since this has already been prophesied years ago. These women are witches who will suck the soul out of you. I rebuke the Kardashian whores and their wicked ways in the name of Jesus, sadly Kanye could not get out in time before he was sacrificed. Beyonce being Creole from Louisiana knew not to toy with the Kardashians and their evil ways. This is the beginning of the end for this tortured genius. All we can do is pray that he will escape from them with some of his soul intact.

      1. I was actually being a little facetious and no I dont believe them to be witches in a literal sense they are never the less all soulless individuals who put fame and money over everything else. I do think it is more than a coincidence that the men around these women have experienced some bad deals being associated with them.

    1. I laughed so hard cause i pictured AHS Coven, kris as the supreme and beyoncé as angela basset

  4. All the Kardashians are in NYC for the Angel Ball,a charity event..I’ve seen pics of Khloe,Kourtney,Kris,etc.I am wondering if Kim was in NYC and asked for a welfare check to be done on him because she couldn’t contact him.She probably hopped on a plane back to LA.I hope he is undergoes a temporary commitment like they did with Britney where they keep him for 72 hrs.

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