joshua benoit wants us to know how it feels to be d’angelo

joshua benoit.
that hunk of meat is one of marvin bienaime’s best models.
he is known for taking off his shirt,
but he wants to be known for something else too.

A singing wolf

that’s right.
joshua is an aspiring singer.
for his debut song and video,
he decided to tackle d’angelo’s iconic and sexuality questioning,
“untitled (how does it feel)”.


okay foxhole,
don’t start judging yet.
let’s take a look at his version and then we’ll font…

so let’s start on the positives.

– he has a beautiful smile

– his bawdy is INSANE.
that back muscle and those pecs flexing had me in vertigo.

let’s get to the critiques.
you know i’m not gonna suck his dick like his “yes” folks on his ig:

– his voice isn’t that strong to tackle d’angelo.
he didn’t sing that song with any kind of passion.
d’angelo made love to that song.
joshua fucked it for 5 minutes and told it to get out.

– he needs to work on his lip syncing.
something was off.

– the rumor was d’angelo was getting head while filming that video.

he gave the energy he was being satisfied sexually.
that whole ig looked like he cummin’ stupid hard.
joshua was simply eye fuckin’ the camera.

i’m all for joshua coming out the gate with a remake,
but “untitled” is a whole different beast.
when you do remakes,
you gotta go hard or go home.
the audience is already gonna be a harsh critic of iconic favs.
this is why you can’t just go and sing “whitney” or “90s mariah” all willy nilly.
joshua didn’t bring anything new to his version of the song or video either.
it actually made me appreciate d’angelo’s even more.

a nice set of pecs and some eye fuckin’ isn’t gonna work.

it works ^here tho.
he has potential tho.
he knows his physical strengths,
but he has to work on some things.

once he allows himself to let loose,
and less auto tune,

i’m sure his next effort will be promising.

lowkey: can you believe angie stone got d’angelo and had a baby for him?
she is “pull a fine one” goals.

19 thoughts on “joshua benoit wants us to know how it feels to be d’angelo

  1. It’s a no for me from the melodyne on his vocals to try and cover up his vocal limitations to the fact he’s 30+ making these type of videos. Like I just can’t, he has a nice smile though.

  2. YAAS for those Special Education Vocals, they have been Chopped and Screwed. This was Cringe Worthy and his fans are doing him no justice hyping this Fuckery Up on Youtube. Throw the whole thing away. Inyanla Fix My Vocals. #nottodaysatan #nojustno #whatdidijustwatch #cuteinthefacesliminthewaist #upsishiring #itsanoformedawg

  3. He gorgeous that’s for damn sure. Everything is on point and i would love to see what God has blessed him with in the back AND the front! As for the singing, mmmmmm. He can sing but “Untitled” is the WRONG song for him. He sounded better with the second song. Not bad but stick to being Eye Candy for us! Lol

  4. SMFH… You know when you’re at a certain age like myself , you become permanently IUNMPRESSED with many things. I’m gonna call it as I see it. Brother CANNOT AND MUST NOT even TRY going in front of a microphone and say he is singing. Just stop. STOP.!!!!!
    Stick to posing and fucking around looking sexy.. that’s it…SIGH……JIST. DON’T. SING 🤔🤔

    Really can’t blame him. He’s a product of the generation he’s in. The fast food generation. Nothing these days are done with talent, integrity, meaning and at high standards. It’s fucking sad but it’s the way of the world now 😢

    As for DeAngelo I remembered when I saw his video it confirmed that I was in love with Men more than anything. That brother broke the fucking music world at the time with that video. Girls and Men went wild. Gym membership went through the roof as he singlehandedly sparked people to want to get cut like him. Well look at DeAngelo now…. SMDH…..what drugs can do….SIGH 😒😒

  5. Joshua Benoit…that’s hubby right there. He does things to me. It took me a few times to actually pay attention to his voice though 😂 Maybe a voice coach can help him? He wasn’t terrible. Imma still support him lml.

  6. He opened his mouth and started singing like a 13 year old boy. First of all he sounds like that liteskin guy who’s a little mentally challenged that’s always singing on social media. Beautiful body but that prepubescent voice is not cute. Stick to modeling bruh lol

  7. Beautiful man, so-so voice, but an B- for effort.

    And Lord have mercy, D’Angelo back in the day…yes you did turn that song out with your once-sexy azz!

  8. I’ll keep this short, sweet and to the point. Who in the sam hell told his ass he could sing?? Good Lord!!!

  9. Well……okay…ummmm..I

    Okay, the positives. Lovely Shea Butter Nubian complexion going on here. Nice smile.

    The Negatives. Im not gonna be too harsh on him but I really wasn’t feeling his voice that much but what really got me was his lack of energy. You got all that muscle & and ain’t putting it to work. Let’s make it happen..

    I will tell him straight up…Look nikka, you need to work this video. You need to take control. You need to f**k that camera, don’t let it f**k you.

    You need to seduce me so much that by the time this song is done, I am pregnant & I can’t even have kids.

  10. I kinda got a slight tingle in my bussy from his singing, but that was from a combination of his looks and his lackluster effort at performing the song. Also, he needs a vocal coach and a better studio producer.

  11. Body and smile, he got me. Singing? Ehhh…He tried so I’ll give him that.

    Is Charlie gonna come out next with a hidden talent? 👀👀 Lol.

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