I Want My Own Home(Desire)

before my parents passed,
they were planning on relocating us down south.
they were looking into property down in florida.
if we would have left,
i’m sure things would have been different for me.
would the foxhole have existed?
well i’ve always had an obsession with houses

i love keeping my tv on hgtv because of this.
something about that channel puts me at peace.
it also keeps my on a higher vibration of my desires.
i’ve been watching a “fixer upper” marathon.
as of late,
all of my friends have been getting their own cribs.
i have been extremely happy for them,
but it makes me inspired to get my own home as well.
as side of me wants to build my own home from the ground up.

high ceilings
massive backyard
islands in my kitchen
my own office
a meditation room

i love something like this:

i’d want it to be in a cul de sac with other black homeowners.
a whole house is a lot of whole maintenance tho,
like that yard needs to always be cut or get fined.

karaoke really sold me with her condo in florida.

3 bedrooms
2 bath

huge living room

in a gated community

everything is taken care of via grounds keepers.
i’d want a condo or town house,
but i don’t want to deal with “attached neighbors” any longer.
God forbid your neighbors are dirty

the hardest is that i’m a “up north” city fox.
i love my city,
but it’s ignorant types of expensive to live here.
i see myself migrating down south somewhere.
i’m open to:


i want to go somewhere warmer,
has a strong black culture,
and the meat will keep my satisfied.
i’m not fonting about food either.

they say you have to associate yourself with what you desire.
if you want something,
you need to feel good that it’s on the way.
hgtv keeps me on a higher vibration of what i want.
my spirit is telling me a huge blessing is on the way.
i have a strong feeling about it.

lowkey: i need to add my dream home to my vision board.

20 thoughts on “I Want My Own Home(Desire)

  1. You described my ideal home and I always have HGTV on. We are kindred spirits! I’m currently renting a town home, and I contemplated buying in this community until I learned that homeowners are responsible for lawn maintenance and snow removal. I live up north like you and our roads weren’t even plowed. I couldn’t imagine owning a home where the HOA is too lazy to maintain the lawns or shovel and plow. Keep manifesting Jamari. You’re goals are closer than you know it.

  2. Jamari, keep that dream in your mind. When I was married I lived in a big house in the suburbs. Now that I’m on the other side of the rainbow I have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath rowhouse in South Baltimore with a garden out front and a small, fenced backyard. It’s just enough space. I have art on all the walls. I’ve loved renovating it. It’s my oasis. One day you will have your oasis too. Don’t stop dreaming. And I think a change to another area might be good for you. Take care!

    1. ^my best home vixen just bought a crib in baltimore.
      it’s in a up and coming neighborhood and she is so happy.
      she wants me to move there so i can be close to her.
      i feel like i want to migrate further south tho.
      your spot sounds amazing.
      im feeling inspired by these stories.

  3. I’m on the fence with homeownership.

    Although it would be nice to own a home, the expenses don’t end after you’ve closed on it.

    If something goes wrong with the plumbing, roof, electricity, foundation you’re responsible for it!

    A lot of people out here are house poor, which means essentially all their income goes into their house.

    People move into fixer uppers like my parents did and don’t actually fix them up. Those problems you let linger too long make things worse.

    I think it’s great if you have no debt, a stable job, and a good, reasonable contractor on hand though.

  4. Jamari I say go for it. If I was you I would chose North Carolina or Georgia but right outside of Atlanta like Marietta or Stone Mountain. The houses are cheaper in the south but if you do move in some parts of Atlanta it can get really expensive. Another thing about Atlanta is the traffic does suck. One of my coworkers just moved from New York months ago, and she says she loves being more in the south. She along with others said the New York life can get very old and exhausting.

    1. ^ima research those spots.
      your co worker is right.
      new yawk can become too much after a while.
      ima start traveling to see karaoke and others more soon.
      i need to get away from here for a while

      1. I’m glad you’re going to visit your friends, you need that. I think relocating in those areas would be great. If I’m not mistaken I think you work the admin field. I’m almost sure they have plenty of jobs in that field down in Atlanta, and Charlotte. Speaking of work, instead of depending on public transportation, you can get in your car after work and just clear your mind on your drive home. That’s sounds corny I know lol, but it’s the smallest things. I also feel you will be happier in the south, there has been so many negative things that happen in New York to you, relocating would be fantastic.

  5. Congrats TAJAN! 🍾 & Jamari I hope u r able to get u a nice home in the future, maybe a move would do u good? Me, as crazy as it sounds I like renting! I like being able to say “such & such is broke, can maintenance fix it” lol, and also I like being able to just “go” if I want, most places charge about 200 something to break lease early, and honestly I think i too want to make a big move in the next year, I NEED change! and when you own a big piece of property u gotta be sure u Really like where u’ve Settled!

    1. @ Bryan, Thanks Bro, and honestly that was my attitude up until I decided to buy a home because rent prices after 2014 for me kept going up sky high. I did like the fact that I did not have to be tied down to one particular part of town and it is nothing like picking up the phone and calling for repairs and knowing you dont have to pay for them and they will be done fast. Now having to fight for parking spaces was a pain, and having friends over having to find parking was also a pain. Living next to others, I would always try to be quiet and courteous and remember I had neighbors, but sometimes, I got no such luck. I also worried when I would have intimate company would I be heard, although here the last few years that has not been a problem, but I have lived at a spot when an older lady complained on me when I had a young boyfriend years ago and yes we got it in almost every night LoL. Here lately I would be woke up by neighbors and would get jealous because it would remind me, my sex life was non-existent and they would never have to worry about hearing me LOL. It is nice to have some privacy and my very own garage parking and plenty of parking for family and friends to visit and a back yard.

  6. I’m a Southern child and will rep it hard. I’ve been really wanting to move to Florida and just get a beach house. I can’t deal with the North or the cold. Fuk all that. Something good is definitely coming. Keep those postive vibes up and ALLOW IT to happen.

  7. Awesome! I hope you get everything you’re hoping for! I’m from the South and don’t want to go back but the call of homeownership is strong so I may be seeking a cheaper market on the cusp of growth myself.

    1. ^thank you!
      the south has those amazing gated communities with the pools and all the luxuries for so much less.
      i’m ready for that life.

  8. Hey J go for it, you are probably going to have to leave your beloved NYC to realize this dream. In 2014, I started saying I was tired of moving due to rent increases, I was living in nice apartments but the rent kept going up, so I started saying i wanted to buy me house so i would not have to worry about it. So in 2015 I started planning to move into a home in 2016, well things did not go exactly as planned, I realize that I had a lot of credit card debt and it was going to hold me back in saving money for a down payment. I gave myself until 2016 to get it together, still nothing, so in 2017 I made a drastic move and moved into some cheap hood apartments. I put everything but the basics in storage. I had not lived in such a old sparse apartment since I was in college. Friends and family were shocked but I was on a mission, figuring why am I paying for someone else to be rich. I was able to pay a big chunk of my credit card debt down to almost nothing, raising my credit score literally a 100 points, this put me into excellent credit territory. I contacted a realtor to start the process. In my area, the market is so hot with everything selling as fast as people put there house on the market, that I was getting discouraged thinking I would be living in an apartment forever, I looked at so many homes, only to be outbid every time, I found something I liked. I looked into brand new homes and they were so expensive, I was like I would not be able to eat if I got one of them. I was looking for something fixed up and affordable, but I found out so was everybody else. Low and behold I happened on a new community of houses that were off the beaten path and affordable just by chance and I am happy to say as of today, I am a new homeowner of brand new house and have been moved in for 3 weeks. It has been a long hard struggle, when you finally find a house to buy, the underwriters take you through hell to account for everything, but as I sit here in something that I own, the feeling is indescribable. I feel that all the hard work and sacrifice was worth it. I am broke and will be in heavy debt for a couple of years thanks to buying some new items for my home, but I am glad I was able to find something before Orange Satan tanks the economy and makes it hard for anybody to buy anything. I dont think anyone has noticed but I have been a little quiet on the Foxhole because I have been so busy trying to get my business in order. I can finally sit down and catch my breath. I encourage all of you to look into home ownership and Google programs in your city that help you with closing and down payment cost, which unless you are making grand theft money, you can quality for. Take advantage before these greedy ass Republikkkans take these valuable programs away. The most sacrifice you make is a 8 hour homeowner ship class and you may get up to $15,000 in assistance if you qualify, well worth your time to check out. I feel fortunate to be able to participate in the American Dream, it is scary taking on this but it is worth my piece of mind and knowing that I am contributing to something that will benefit me. 2018 has started out on a good note.

    1. ^omg congrats!
      reading this made me feel so inspired!!
      i’m ready for a change of scenery.
      ima pay off my credit cards and start the process!

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