How To Break Into Cribs Of Men You Saw At Clubs And Suck Them Off!

he just set “us” back, didn’t he?
these straight wolves already think we all have some mind control powers to turn everyone out.

is this how we do things dajaun?
i know it’s hard to meet someone to give some good head too ( IT NEVER IS!!!!!!! )
but, was breaking an entering the way to do it????

A DJ allegedly broke into the homes of men he saw at clubs and parties and performed oral sex on them as they slept, according to police in Pennsylvania.

NOW if he was Cute…But UGH!

Harrisburg police said last week that Dajuan Porter, 27, stalked three men and sexually assaulted them in their homes, according to WHP-TV.

The first case was reported in May, 2011, by a man who claimed a man fitting Porter’s description climbed up through his fire escape, broke in and began performing oral sex on him, according to WHP-TV.

In April, 2012, a man told police he went to Porter’s home after a gathering and fell asleep only to wake with the suspect performing a sex act on him, the Patriot News reported.

Another incident was reported in July. The alleged victim attended a party and fell asleep after drinking. He claims that he woke up as the suspect performed a sex act on him.

He too allegedly stopped the suspect immediately, according to police. ( ya think?)

An additional alleged victim not included in last week’s charges claims Porter molested others. The man, who asked not to be identified, said Porter had been over at his house with mutual friends following a night of partying, but kicked Porter out of his house after the incident.

Porter was charged with three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, three counts of sexual assault and burglary, according to



wolves/hybrids would never turn down the chance to get some official dome.
i don’t get why this one here thought it he needed to be a head burglar to do it.
alas, the only thing he’ll be spinning is burgers at mickey dees.
that dj career is officially DUNZO.
he could as well move to china with raz b and become a ninja.

8 thoughts on “How To Break Into Cribs Of Men You Saw At Clubs And Suck Them Off!

  1. Okay, so I guess I’ll address the monkey in the room.

    1. I wonder if the “victims” were straight and that is why he sucked them while they were asleep. He probably would not have the chance any other way.

    2. I wonder if the head was so good, that they woke up just before blasting in his mouth. Those of us who have been afforded such an opportunity can probably relate.

    Maybe I missed something, but it seems like he only broke into one persons home.

  2. Creepy cocksucker.
    You just can’t take the dick. If they didn’t give consent, it means no. Now he’s on his way to jail with all kinds of a dick to suck.

    If he was attractive I don’t think the ninjas would have said anything. You know he’s ugly as shit in person, because he waited until dudes were unconscious to slob on them knobs–running the streets and breaking into houses for some dick. SMH. LOL.

    Attractive people can get away with murder.
    Ugly mofos can’t even suck a dick unannounced.

  3. Why did always catch them drunk/sleep maybe if he woke them up and asked nicely they would of been ok with it…lol….but then again he did break into their home and that can be scary in itself

    oh hello everyone new guy here

  4. I love this story. LOL I laughed when one of the victims said that he knows they are more victims. It’s not more victims because everyone else he did it to went along with it. They woke up with him sucking their dicks and them let him do it, especially if no one else was around. Some of them probably got his ass too, and judging him from his face he looks like he might have a fatty, shit you know they got it. LOL. Head is head to some people including me. I’m sure a gay Wolf wouldn’t stop a woman from sucking his dick, it wouldn’t matter if he was sleep or not. LOL He may not want her pussy, but he damn sure will get some head from her.

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