He Was Stabbed So Hard That His Ear Was Ripped Off?

he wasn’t robbed.
this wasn’t a random “act of violence”….

Officers are still trying to figure out what provoked the horrendous killing and why Mr Jones was seen walking down the street with the man at 4am after leaving his girlfriend earlier in the night.

Police say he began the evening spending time with his girlfriend at the apartment of one of her male friends.

Mr Jones left her about 11.30pm and said he was planning to meet a friend at the Standard Hotel bar in the Meatpacking district.

However, police say, he said he couldn’t get into the club to he went to the Park nightclub on 10th Avenue.

He called his girlfriend several throughout the night. The last phone call was made as he was headed back to her friend’s apartment, where the couple was apparently spending the night.

Minutes later, at 4.15am, he was captured on surveillance video walking down the sidewalk with the suspect.

Mr Jones is seen arguing with the suspect before the attack.

Mr Jones’ body was found at 4:25am, his ear lying a few feet away.

Officers covered the ear with a plastic cup to hide it from passersby and rushed the man to Bellevue where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

‘It was a frenzy. The guy was chopped multiple times,’ a police source told the Post. ‘He cut the guy’s ear off. It doesn’t get any more personal than that.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2214189/Michael-Jones-murder-New-York-Red-Bulls-coach-murdered-ear-severed.html#ixzz28jJBdRvM

this sounded way to personal.
almost like a lover’s rage.
another possibility is the owing of money for drugs.
my bet is scorned lover.

but his ear is off and you weren’t robbed.
that isn’t a fly by night killing…. especially in new york.

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