f0x Swagg: SOLOSCOPE Automatic

SoloscopeKS-MainThumb-RgAbGdin order to have fox swagg,
one must always be different.
standing out from the crowd is a must!
fox swagg isn’t about rocking what everyone is wearing.
not at all.
it’s about creating your own style and making it your own.
you automatically stand out because you do things differently.
so when the makers of the xeric SOLOSCOPE automatic reached out to me,
i knew i had to share it with the foxholers!
lets get into the SOLOSCOPE automatic by xeric,
shall we?…

FC-XHY17AvxLxAIrtlBO3LqWpQBEsAM3b2B4x_NbxqMwhile everyone i know rocks the same looking watch,
usually gold and looking like a rolex,
the SOLOSCOPE automatic comes from a different angle.
it’s square,
has a more vintage look,
and works by the motion of your wrist.
the SOLOSCOPE was created as a collaborative effort by watches.com founders and brother,
mitch & andrew greenblatt,
with the help of danny hunsaker
a watch world expert whose career focus is designing and developing beautiful watches.

Best-Prince-GIFsno bs,
i really like how this watch looks.
i am usually attracted to things that are different.
those are the items i usually get the most compliments on.
i’m sure it would be the same if i rocked the SOLOSCOPE automatic.
so if you are like me,
the SOLOSCOPE automatic may just be up your alley.
it comes in a variety of colors and styles.
you can choose from:

rose gold

…and while everyone has the same “michael kors” or “diesel”,
you’ll be the one with the different fox swagg out in your forest.
ain’t nothing better than that.


to learn more about the SOLOSCOPE automatic campaign: kickstarter
to see more watches from xeric: watches.com

6 thoughts on “f0x Swagg: SOLOSCOPE Automatic

  1. Very nice. I might pick one up. I would definitely need a metal band though.

  2. Nice , will definitely check out more info on it. It looks like just the piece to rock this summer.

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