Dwight Howard Likes To Play With The Kiddies?

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 9.49.59 PMnba baller wolf,
dwight howard,
got some ‘splainin to do.
it seems like our loveable overgrown dork was alleged beatin around the underaged bush.
in other words?
he was in an alleged relationship with some underaged girl.
one he was callin’ his “princess”.
has it come to this dwight?
well here are some receipts of the alleged antics that the young chick exposed…

…and here is a picture of the alleged “princess” in question:

she looks all the way young.
i’m sure chris hansen is somewhere around the corner.

he was allegedly flying them out and everything.
the parents of these kids obviously didn’t give a fuck.
are we surprised tho?
dwight acts like he isn’t growing up anytime soon.
he acts like an overgrown kid.
i keep wondering what grown vixen would really take him seriously?
i’m not even counting all the ones he impregnated.
either way,
i’m going to keep my nose in this story.
this will either get real interesting or vanish without a trace.

12 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Likes To Play With The Kiddies?

  1. Why are women fucking with him anyway? The minute he quits playing b-ball he is going to be broke as shit. Eight kids? Who can afford that. He is dating underage girls because they are the only ones dumb enough to mess with that. The professional groupies already did the math on him and figured out 8 kids + ME = BROKE BITCH.

    1. I don’t see the appeal anyway. I’m not attracted to him, and I never have lol. Dwight still has a decade of ball left in him tho, so as long as he is getting paid, he can afford all the children, but it still takes a chunk out of his money. SMH

      1. @The Man…he doesn’t have a decade left in him. He has a bad back. He comes down the wrong way…it’s a wrap. These athletes go around knocking up chicks left and right, the same chicks who wouldn’t give them the time of day if they weren’t pulling in the big bucks and/or famous. It’s sad how many men think with their dick head instead of the head sitting atop their shoulders.
        Once his career is over, like another poster pointed out, we’ll be hearing stories of him (Dwight Howard) and many other athletes with multiple kids, being hauled into court for child support. The women are just as stupid because they can’t see past the moment, and look at things from a long-term perspective…these entertainers/athletes won’t be on top forever, and that big money won’t be around forever either. They’re too dumb to realize that though.

      2. As long as he stays healthy, he’ll play another 8 to 10 seasons. He’s only 28. He needs to quit with the children though.That child support adds up when you are no longer playing. I do not feel any sympathy for him tho. If a man is going to have a lot of kids, he needs to have them by one woman, preferably his wife, but most of these athletes aren’t smart. Dwight def. isn’t. He is a big kid who still believes he is 16, and thinks his actions have no consequences. He better hope this situation with the underage girl doesn’t become worse tho.

  2. Tsk tsk tsk tsk…….i have no sympathy for this fucker. He will get some crack ass attorney that will wiggle his ass out of this one and like R Kelly pay some money and keep it quiet. The so called parents of this kid should be put in jail as well. SMDH. As for that over grown A hooe..this will not be his last, he is a pedophile and we can see where he is heading.

  3. He is fine, but he is a whore to the fullest. Out of all the women out here, he chooses to mess with underage girls.

    1. To each his own…but I wouldn’t call him fine. LOL
      Put a bag over that face…and the body is on point!!

  4. Well, here’s the MTO link:http://mediatakeout.com/247488/mto-shock-pics-nba-star-dwight-howard-is-photod-in-the-hotel-with-two-very-young-girls-we-aint-check-the-id-but-they-look-like-felony-age.html

    And here’s another link to the story: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/06/06/dwight-howard-texts-underage-girl/

    He does appear to have a brains/sex problem as he may have 8 children by 8 women: http://uproxx.com/sports/2013/06/dwight-howard-might-have-8-children-with-8-different-women/

    Let’s hope that it’s not true the he is or was dealing with jail bait. The above girl looks like jail bait and she’s not attractive. The truth will likely come out in the wash. If there is any hint of the story about jail bait being true, I suggest that Dwight Howard immediately call R Kelly and seek R Kelly’s attorneys for advice. R Kelly was alleged to deal in jail bait but those allegations only cost him a bundle of money but no jail time.

  5. The chick is not attractive and maybe I’m missing something, but where’s this evidence? I’m lost as fuck…

  6. Damn, I was crushing on his big ass too. What’s with the dudes always flying these ladies around the world and shit. Like, do you really have to do all that for some pussy. I also don’t know why Black men keep being fooled by these underage bitches. Either they’re underage or underage and White. Then they claim rape and put your ass in prison without batting an eyelash. And that little girl is not “fly around the world” worthy, looking like Colin Kaepernick in drag.

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