Bend Over and Put Your Hands Where I Can See Em! (This Is A Stick Up)

not only do we need to look out for the hunters,
which are another fohxole term for “the police”,

but we gotta look out for fake ones.
there are jackals,
pretending to be hunters,
trying to rape us.
by “us”,
i mean males.
a foxholer sent me the following disturbing story via the washington post

A Maryland man has been charged with rape in an assault an another man while impersonating a police officer in Prince George’s County, authorities said Thursday.

Officers responded Sunday at about 6:15 a.m. to the 2100 block of Guilford Road in Langley Park, Prince George’s County police said in a statement. They spoke with a man who said he had been sexually assaulted by another man who identified himself as a police officer, the statement said.

The police statement said officers determined that Michael Leon Bell, 36, of Upper Marlboro, had approached the man with a badge hanging around his neck, identified himself as a police officer, asked for the man’s identification and patted him down. Then Bell told the man that they were in a dangerous area and offered him a ride home in a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria, police said.

After the man agreed, Bell drove him to the 2100 block of Guilford, where he forced him to perform sex acts before the man escaped, according to police. The man called 911 and provided officers with the Crown Victoria’s license plate number.

Bell was charged with first-degree rape, second-degree assault and impersonating a police officer, police said.

this is the perverted asshole:

now we gotta make sure it’s legit law enforcement now.
that fake badge he had looks real too.
i would say the car is a dead giveaway fuckery is abound,
but there are undercover hunters who use damn near any car.
be careful out there foxhole.

lowkey: wouldn’t a undercover car have the dash cam?
the walkie?
the jet black tints?
how would we even know its a fake?

good thing he got the license plate.

article cc: the washington post

6 thoughts on “Bend Over and Put Your Hands Where I Can See Em! (This Is A Stick Up)

  1. They low-key get this stuff from porn. Have you ever seen those adverts for the porn where the cops dress and assualt the thugs or dudes. I’ve never saw an actual video but I’ve see several like advertisements. It’s like some kind of roleplay thing and what not? Of course sickos take it to the next level.

  2. I always think it’s not right for an officer in an unmarked car to stop you. I had one do that to me for speeding. He came out of a civilian Buick Century. I would just pull over to a nearby busy parking lot and call police on speed dial

    1. I would do like you. I would pull over near a busy spot, parking lot, gas station, etc. If he’s legit, I’d explain to him why it took me so long to stop. SOME cops might be understanding, but others would have guns out ready to beat your ass without hearing your explanation. Some people really don’t need to be cops.

      Impersonating a cop is so stupid, because you could be pulling over a real cop who might be off-duty with a stunt like this.

    1. In this instance how?!? I guess you could look at the license plates or if the car does not have police lights but most people would not be thinking like that in an instance like this. This is one of those times where you would have to fight it out.

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